Badoo Has Launched New Features to Make Online Dating Safer

Badoo is the most popular service for online dating in the world, and it is not a surprise that, apart from real people with genuine profiles, there are also a lot cheaters. The company has devoted a large share of its efforts in attempting to counter it, and now it resulted in the launch of a new feature, which may make online dating, as a mater of fact, safer.
Badoo 1

This way looks the main page of Badoo, the world’s most popular service for online dating

The recently introduced feature is called “Selfie Request”, and its main goal is to reduce catfishing (creating a fictional persona in order to start a relationship). The name of the feature does not require any extra explanations: from now on, women can ask the men they are dating online to send a selfie. This allows them to prove that they guys are really the personalities they knew before.

Indeed, a partner – or, to say more definitely in this case, a counterpart – is also able to refuse sending a selfie. Most probably, however, such a behavior will not result in a date for you. The representatives of the company said that “We, the team of Badoo, are already more than 10 years in this market, and we know the market the way no other person does. Indeed, we continuously strive to tackle the major issues that arise from time to time, and one of such issues is the safety of online dating. Moreover, we have polled a large number of women to identify the key issues, and most of the respondents answered that they need just two things on dating websites: efficiency and safety.”

It is unlikely that this feature alone is able to uproot the issue of safety in online dating. So, sometimes it is not easy to convince a person about your authenticity only thanks to a selfie, and that is the reason why Badoo introduced a feature that allows the users to link their profiles to the account in the social networks and request them from other users.

Duda Castro, one of the famous lifestyle bloggers, wrote that “this “Selfies Request” feature is exceptionally useful, since now I can have more trust and faith to the person I am communicating with online. Given the rate of nowadays’ life, a schedule full of presentations and other job duties, and home routines, an online dating website with a secure and effective system increases your chances to find a suitable mate without wasting much of your time and effort.”

As it turned out, the majority of women met this news with enthusiasm, whereas the atmosphere in the male community is far more mixed. This fact may be caused by the fact that some males, whom the internet grants anonymity, had used this anonymity to cheat on Badoo, yet now they are unable to do so. So, all that is left for them is to be lamenting about the changes. It would be fair to admit, though, that cheating females are frequently met on Badoo, as well.