Badoo Sign In


Badoo is an online service that allows many people to communicate between each other, is highly popular and quite addictive. Sometimes you want to Badoo sign in to the service from other devices or someone’s laptop.

How to sign in Badoo? Well, it is quite simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide below and you will get to know how to sign in, recover your password, or set up an own password.


Badoo Sign In Step-by-Step


  • Step 1. Enter the website either by googling it or by copying the link into the browser.

The appearance of Badoo's main page

The appearance of Badoo’s main page is fairly extraordinary

  • Step 2. After having entered the website, click on the “Sign in” button, located in the right-upper corner.

Password from Badoo account

This way is shown your password in the letter

  • Step 3. In order to log in, you will have to use the password which Badoo has previously sent to your email address. Go to your mail box and find a letter from Badoo, which you received after confirming your account. Copy your password.

Badoo Sign In Form

The sign in form

  • Step 4. In the presented sign in form, type your email in and paste the password you copied from the email. Click on the “Sign me in!” button. You are back to the service!
  • Step 5. If you faced problems with your password or somehow lost it, you can easily recover it. In the sign in form, find the “Forgot your password?” button. Click on it.

Badoo Password Reset

Provide your email address in order to recover the password

  • Step 6. In the opened window, you will have to enter your email. Do it. Then, enter the symbols from the presented Captcha and click on the “Get a new password” button.

Badoo Email Notification

You will get such a notification after providing your email address

  • Step 7. You will get a notification to go to your email. Check your mail box and you will see a new letter. Open it and click on the “Create a new password” button.

Badoo Email Letter

Find such a letter in your mail box

  • Step 8. Once again, you will be directed from your mail box to the website of Badoo. In the provided window, enter the password you wish to set up and repeat it in the following window. Click on the “Update” button. Now you have just logged in with your new password.

Badoo Setting Up Password

Set up a new password for your account

You can find using Badoo more convenient if you will visit the Create Account Badoo page and Badoo Sign Up page.