Badoo Sign Up


Badoo is a real finding for extremely communicative people, who like to make lots of new friends and flirt online.

Indeed, this service works in a quite interesting, though “fair” way: you cannot see photos of others unless you will upload your photos, and the same with location, job, languages, and so on. Naturally, you need an account in order to start your online adventures, which is not a hard job to do. Follow the step-by-step guide below and get introduced into the world of Badoo!


Badoo Sign Up Step-by-Step



The main page of Badoo

The following way looks the main page of Badoo

  • Step 1. In the first place, enter Badoo by having it found in the search engines or insert the link into the address line of your browser and click “Enter.”

Badoo Sign Up with Services

You can sign up for Badoo with the use of various online services

  • Step 2. You can choose the language you want in the left-upper part of the screen, near the logo of Badoo. To the right, you can see the sign up form. Even though you can sign up by using accounts from other service, let us suppose that you do not have any other accounts. Begin entering your personal information. Start with your name and birthdate. Then, enter your location and specify your gender. The system will also ask your purpose of using Badoo and offer you three following options: dating, making new friends, or chatting. Choose the respective option and click on the “Sign up” button. Specify your email.

Badoo Contacts Import

An offer to import your contacts from Badoo

  • Step 3. Import your contacts, if you wish so, on the next page. In particular, you can add the contacts from your Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook accounts. Go further. Otherwise, click on the “Skip it for now” button.

Badoo Photos

You can decline to upload photos

  • Step 4. You will be offered to upload the photo immediately, but you can also click on “I’ll upload photos later.”

Badoo Account Confirmation

Go to the mail box

  • Step 5. After it, you have to do only one more step. Go to your email box and open the letter from Badoo. Confirm your account by clicking on “Complete my registration. Now, you can set up your profile and enjoy the service of Badoo!

A New Badoo Account

The final step

In order to get more information about Badoo, visit the Create Account Badoo page and the Badoo Sign In page.