How to Change Badoo Privacy Settings

When using social networks, one of the key aspects to be aware of is your privacy. Without a word of exaggeration, privacy is one of the key issues in the digital age. Badoo is not completely a social network, but the privacy means is not of a lesser significance here. You are able to make sure that your Badoo privacy is not violated by arranging the settings in your account. So, this article discloses how to strengthen your Badoo privacy and gives you a useful insight about it. Enjoy!
Badoo privacy

This simple minor window is a key to ensuring your Badoo privacy; take advantage of it and set your account the way you wish

Step 1. Open a browser on your PC. In its address line, type the URL of Badoo in: Hit the “Enter” button.

Step 2. Click on the “Sign in” button, placed in the upper-right part of the page, and log in to the system with the help of your email and password.

Step 3. You will see the page of your account. If not, click on your profile photo left side. Now, have a look at the upper-right part of the screen again: there you will see a button of settings in a form of a cogwheel, which is the most left from those three buttons. Give it a click.

Step 4. Now, you are viewing the page of your account’s settings. Scroll down until you will encounter the “Privacy” section.

Here, you are able to apply the following options:

  • Who can view my profile? If you want to secure a stronger privacy, then you should change this setting to the “Only members” option. By default, this setting was “Any user.”
  • Let others share my profile. Other users of Badoo are able to share your profile with others freely by default. If you want to limit this option and stop them doing so, you can change this setting from “Yes” to “No.”
  • Show distance. By default, this option is turned on, which means that other users are able to see your location and estimate the distance between him/herself and you. You are able to turn it off by opting “No.” But, indeed, if you hide it, you will not be able to see the location of other users neither.
  • Show secret comments in my profile. This feature is tailored solely for women, and they can post a comment about the men they have communicated with. So, if you want not such comments to be displayed on your page, turn this feature off.
  • Show my online status. This setting leaves you with options either to show or not, whether you are online.
  • Show me only to people I like and visit. If you are not that much sociable person, or if you do not search for anyone but prefer to keep talking to the people you already know in the website, you can turn the option “No” into “Yes.”
  • Allow search by email. Other users are able to find you on this website, if they know your email. You can change it by switching to the “No” option.

Step 5. Thereafter, click on the blue “Save” button.