How to Delete Your Badoo Account

Indeed, you might have had a lot of great and pleasant experience of using Badoo, but after some time you might wish to abandon the website (maybe you have already found a couple, so that is the reason!). If you are not planning to use the website anymore, it is the best decision to delete the account, indeed, as you will be sure that no one is able to access it and steal your data. The simple guide for deleting the Badoo account, presented below, provides you with an insight how to do it quickly and easily. Go ahead.
Deleting the Badoo account 1

You can find the button for deleting the Badoo account at the bottom of the settings page

Step 1. Open a browser on your computer. Then, google “Badoo” and enter the website (or use

Step 2. Once you have entered the website, find a white “Sign up” button in the right-upper part of the page. Click on it, and then access your account by using the email address and password of yours.
deleting the Badoo account 2

Badoo offers you a number of other options instead of deleting the Badoo account; you may, indeed, choose them if they are suitable for you

Step 3. There is a pane with your profile photo and menu on the left side. Click on your profile photo.

Step 4. Following it, you will see the page of your Badoo account. In the same right-upper screen, you will see a set consisting of three buttons. Click on the left button, which stands for your “account and settings.”
deleting the Badoo account 3

Badoo will try to provide you with free super powers in the attempt to make you want not to delete your account

Step 5. As you have accessed the settings of your Badoo account, scroll down until the very bottom. At the bottom, you will see a barely visible “Delete account” text, written in a light gray color (have a look at the first screenshot). Click on this button.

Step 6. On the following page, you will see a notification similar to the one you are able to see in the second screenshot. So, if you are really sure about deleting the Badoo account, select the respective option “Delete your account.” Then, click on a little gray “Continue” button, located right below the large “Stay on Badoo” one.
deleting the Badoo account 4

Choose the reason why you are leaving and click on “Continue”

Step 7. On the next page, Badoo will try to bribe you by offering free Super Powers. Click on “Delete your account.”

Step 8. The next page offers you to specify the reason why you are leaving the network. You are also able to provide your own reason. Click on “Continue.”
deleting the Badoo account 5

Enter your password and symbols from the Captcha

Step 9. This is the last stage before you will actually get rid of your Badoo account. Here, you need to enter your current password and the symbols from the Captcha. Click on the “Delete your account” button.
deleting the Badoo account 6

Say “bye” to your Badoo account; the story is over

Step 10. The last page should tell you that your account is closed. Yet, you will receive a letter to your email, with the help of which you will be able to restore the account anymore. It is up to you whether to keep or delete the letter.