What is the Invisible Mode and How to Turn it On

Badoo, the world´s most popular website for online dating and meetings, offers a large number of various features to its users, including the ones that can be purchased by them. However, the Badoo invisible mode feature is provided to all users gratis, and you can take advantage of it any moment and at any time. Besides, applying these quite interesting settings will not take a lot of your time.

So, what essentially the Badoo invisible mode feature is? Well, it allows you to perform certain actions on the website without actually being spotted by other users. As Badoo writes in the description of this feature, “if people can’t see you, they won’t know how much fun you are to hang out and chat with.” Indeed, it is so, but sometimes you wish to visit someone’s profile without being spotted, or not to be bothered by other users. In such a case, this feature will suit you just perfectly.

The article below will show how to turn the features of the Badoo invisible mode on and how to use them correctly. Enjoy!
Badoo invisible mode

On this page, you are able to switch the features of the Badoo invisible mode on

Step 1. Open a browser on your PC or laptop. Then, enter the website of Badoo into your browser’s address line (http://badoo.com/).

Step 2. On the website, find the white “Sign in” button placed in a right-upper corner. Click on it. Then, use your email address and password in order to log in. If you have faced problems with this matter, visit this page.

Step 3. Once you have entered the website, click on your profile photo.

Step 4. Now you have just got to view the page of your account. In the right-upper section of the screen, you will see three buttons. Click on the left one under the name the “Profile and settings” button.

Step 5. Now, you are seeing the page of settings of your Badoo account. Scroll down until you will see the section of  “Invisible mode”, located right beneath the “Privacy” settings.

Here, you can turn some of the features of the Badoo invisible mode on. In order to do so, give a click on this section. Now, you are able to edit it. There you can see the following settings:

  • Hide my presence from other users. If you switch this feature on, other users will not be able to see your profile in the list of suggested ones.
  • Don’t show me as a visitor on people’s profiles. Enabling this feature means that even if you visit someone’s page, the fact of your visit will not be displayed to the owner of that account.
  • Hide my Super Powers from other users. Super Powers are the feature that one may buy for real money, and they give the users more abilities, which ordinary users do not have. If you turn this feature on, the others will not see that you are able to take advantage of a bigger number of features.

Step 6. At the end, you need to click on the “Save” button.

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