Linking Badoo Account to Accounts in Other Social Networks

There are a lot of reasons for linking your Badoo account to the accounts in other social networks and email accounts. First of all, it will make your account seem more credible and reliable in the eyes of other users of Badoo. At second, you are able to fill in the information about yourself automatically. At third, you are able to share some things on two networks at once. And it is without even mentioning that your account must be verified, and you need to connect the account to at least one service or a phone number for that (read about it here). So, this article will provide you with the information about linking Badoo account.
Linking Badoo account 1

If you want to connect your Badoo account to your account in another social network or an email account, pay your attention to the “Verifications” pane on the right side of your page

Step 1. Open a browser on your laptop or PC and access the website

Step 2. Sign in to the system with the help of your email address and the account’s password.

Step 3. Now, you need to enter your own page in Badoo. Click on the profile icon in the pane, located on the left side of the screen (right above the long blue “Increase your popularity” button).

Step 4. Once you have accessed your page, pay attention to the “Verifications” page on the right side of the webpage. That is exactly the place where you are able to link your Badoo account to the accounts in other services. Let’s get to know more about linking Badoo account; namely, you can link to the following services:

  • Phone number. You can connect your Badoo account to your phone number. It will definitely increase your security.
  • Gmail. It does not need any comment, since it is the most popular email service provider in the world.
  • Facebook. The world’s largest network with more than a billion users.
  • Vkontakte. The Russian version of Facebook, which is mainly used by young people in the age of 15-25.
  • Odnoklassniki. Similar to Vkontakte, but can boast a pretty older audience (35-45 years old on the average).
  • Twitter. The world-known social network for posting short messages.
  • Instagram. The world’s most popular social network for sharing photos online.
  • LinkedIn. The most popular social network among employees and employers, which helps people to find jobs, hire employees, and show your skills and abilities.

At the end, you will see “Badoo Super Powers” and “Verify Card” there. Whereas the first is aimed for simply buying premium services, the latest one is a means of doing so.
Linking Badoo account 2

Here you have to agree before you will link the accounts

Step 5. Using this page, you can easily (in a matter of two clicks) link your Badoo account to the account in a social network. For instance, you are currently logged in to Facebook. Click on the Facebook icon on this pane.

Step 6. In the pop-up window, click on the “OK” button (look at the second screenshot). Now, your Facebook and Badoo accounts are linked, so, as you can see, there is nothing difficult about linking Badoo account. You can continue doing so with accounts in other social networks.