How to Restore Password from Your Badoo Account

It may happen that you had used Badoo website long time ago and abandoned it after some time, but now you want to get back on track again. Yet, you do not remember the password of your account. What to do in such a case? You can easily regain control over your account with the help of the “Forgot password?” feature. And this guide is tailored especially for you, whereas it will help you to recover your password in a matter of minutes and do not be bothered by this matter for long. Just follow the provided instructions.
Badoo website 1

You are able to restore the password and regain the control over your account by clicking on “Forgot your password?”

Step 1. Enter the Badoo website by opening your browser and going to

Step 2. There, you will a sign in form. Beneath it, to the right side from the green “Sign me in” button, you will see a question “Forgot your password?”. Give it a click.
Badoo website 2

In order to recover your password, specify your email address here and enter the symbols from the Captcha

Step 3. You will see another window opening up in front of you. There, you must enter the email address of your account. Beneath it, you will be asked to reenter the symbols pictured in the Captcha. Do so.

Step 4. After it, you will see a window with a notification that a letter from Badoo has been sent to your email. Click on the “Continue” button. Then, open the window of your email in the browser and enter there.
Badoo website 3

After requesting to recover your password, you will receive such a notification; click on the “Continue” button

Step 5. Open the inbox of your email. There, you will see a letter from Badoo. Open it, and you will see the large blue “Create a new password” button inside of it. Click on this button.
Badoo website 4

In the inbox, you will a letter similar to this one; click on the large blue “Create a new password” button

Step 6. After you have clicked on that button, you will be redirected back to Badoo’s website. In the given window, you are able to set up a new password. Even though Badoo says to “create a new password, which you will easily remember,” it will be reasonable to create the one which is also secure and reliable enough. I.e. it is better not to set up a weak password for your account. So, after you have just composed a password, reenter it in the next line too and click on the “Update” button.
Badoo website 5

You will be redirected back to the Badoo website, where you will be finally able to set up a new password

Step 7. Now, you will be automatically logged back in to Badoo. Get back to finding a suitable partner for you!

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