How to Apply New Facebook Mobile and Followers Settings

Regarding Facebook mobile and followers settings, it is going about the security and privacy of your account in the first place. Whereas mobile settings strengthen your security – you can receive mobile PIN, notifications, and recover your password with the help of your mobile phone, the settings of followers help you to ensure privacy and enjoy the experience of using Facebook. The article below will help you to get orientation in this matter.
Facebook mobile and followers settings

Facebook mobile and followers settings help you to enhance the security and privacy of your Facebook page

Step 1. Enter the social network by using your browser and the following link:

Step 2. With the help of your login and password, log in to the system.

Step 3. In the pane located in the upper part of the page, give a click to the one that appears to be a pointer looking down (look at the screenshot).

Step 4. You will see a menu with a list of sections leftside. Choose the mobile settings. There, you are able to add other phone numbers or remove the old ones; just click on the respective buttons in the upper part. Apart from it, you will see the following features:

  • Text Messaging. You can turn this feature on in order to receive messages and notifications from Facebook. Here you choose to which mobile number (if you have provided several numbers) the messages will be sent.
  • Mobile PIN. This feature, which ensures more security by requiring you to enter the PIN code before adding a friend or changing your status, is turned off by default. In the given window, you can turn it on and set up a PIN code easily and swiftly.
  • Daily Text Limit. Here, you can limit the number of messages that your phone number receives every day from Facebook. You can specify between 1 and 100 messages per day.
  • Time of Day. In this line, you can specify when you want to receive messages from Facebook: either anytime, or only in certain time of the day. Once you have specified it, click on the “Save Changes” button.

Step 5. Now, go to the “followers” settings by selecting “Followers.” There, you will see the following features:

  • Who Can Follow Me. In this line, the option “public” is chosen by default. If you choose “friends”, however, it will make other users – who are not your friends – unavailable to see the posts you publish and get subscribed to you.
  • Follower Comments. Here, you can choose who is able to comment your posts: friends, friends of friends (by default), or public.
  • Follower Notifications. Specify about whose likes, shares, and other reactions to your posts you want to get notifications: public, friends of friends (by default), or nobody.
  • Comment Ranking. If you turn this feature on, the most-liked comments under your public posts will be displayed first.
  • Username. Once again, here you can also change your username that stands at the end of the address of your Facebook page. In order to change the username here, you will have to enter your password and click on the “Save Changes” button.
  • Twitter. With the help of this feature, you can connect your Twitter account to the Facebook account.

At the bottom, you will see a plugin that you may insert into a website in order to attract followers. These are all important details you need to know about Facebook mobile and followers settings.
If you need an instruction how to get registered on Facebook, however, follow this guide.