Facebook Makes More Effort to Combat Clickbait Posts

And once again, Facebook has got back to fight clickbait, which is the content that features provocations or sensations that must prompt users to click on the post and get directed to a specific website. Recently, Facebook has come up with a fresh algorithm of news feed which, supposedly, must be more effective in combating clickbait.

The majority of the social network’s users clearly dislike clickbait posts that just waste their time, yet it is hard to define such posts by an algorithm. In particular, the unsuccessful attempts of Facebook to fight clickbait in 2014 just prove it. At that time, Facebook focused on how fast users returned to Facebook after giving a click to certain posts: the faster the users came back, the more likely it was that the post was just a clickbait whereas the content was neither useful nor sapid.


A lot of users expressed their discontent with the abundance of clickbait posts, but the social network still seeks an effective approach to fight clickbait

This time, however, the company has decided to use the following two attributes of clickbait in order to identify clickbait posts, which are namely creating deceiving expectations and concealing information. In accordance with this analysis, Facebook is undertaking another update of its algorithm of the news feed system, which will identify common phrases connected with those attributes. Then, it will lead to a better filtering of headlines where is used such a language.

Kristin Hendrix, Facebook’s user experience researcher, and Alex Peysakhovich, the company’s research scientists, pointed out that they have got to hear a lot of stories where people lamented about the abundance of clickbait posts. In particular, the company’s representatives said that these posts are the ones with headlines that “either intentionally skip important information, or deceive users, thus compelling the users to click on such posts in order to find it out.”

The changes in clickbait-targeting that had been implemented in 2014 helped to fight posts with headlines like “You Will Never Believe That…”, yet those alterations haven’t solved the issue. The representatives of Facebook said that “there are still a lot of pages that depend on posts with clickbait headlines, yet users keep writing to our support that they would favor to see posts with clear headlines.”

In order to solve the issue, the company has created a team that will work on further identification of extra clickbait markers, and this will help to fight clickbait in the future. Moreover, the company addressed this issue previously this year, when a fresh news feed algorithm was implemented in June. Then, however, the company implemented changes that prioritized the content posted by family and friends. The company’s spokesmen said that it has been made with the purpose to make sure that the network’s users see more accurate, amusing, and relevant content.

However, the representatives of Facebook pointed out that the recent changes will not cause any noticeable shifts in the way of distributing Facebook content. They stressed that the change will be noticed only by the pages that use headlines with clickbait.

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