Facebook General Account Settings

Specifying appropriate general settings of your Facebook account is equally important as specifying privacy and security settings. With the help of these settings, you can set up a new name of yours or add it in a different language (like Arabic, Hebrew, Slavic, or Eastern languages), change your username, set up a new contact for your account which will help you to regain control over it in case of such a need, and set up a new password. Thus, follow the instructions provided below and make sure you have specified appropriate settings.

Facebook General Account Settings

The section of general settings allows you to enhance security and make your profile more “searchable” and recognizable

Step 1. Enter the company’s website by inserting http://facebook.com/ into your browser’s address line. Click on the “Enter” button.

Step 2. Type your data (login and password) in and sign in to the social network.

Step 3. Click on the pointer icon in the upper part of the screen (have a look at the provided screenshot).

Step 4. In the pop-up menu that has opened in front of you, click on “Settings.” Right after it, the page of general settings of your Facebook account will be opened in your browser. So, here you are able to make such changes:

  • Name. In the first line, you are able to change your name or add a middle name (which is optional). In addition to that, you have an opportunity to add another name of yours (nickname, for example). Besides, Facebook does its best to ensure that your page can be easily found by your friends: it offers you to add “language-specific name” of yours, i.e. the name written in your native language. It may stand in good stead, for instance for native speakers of Arabic or Slavic languages.
  • Username. In this line you are able to provide your username. Besides, this username will also stand as an address of your Facebook page. For example, in the case if the nickname is xzv, the address of such Facebook page will be http://facebook.com/xzv/.
  • Contact. Here, you are able to set up your primary contact or add another one. By default, your primary contact is your email address. Yet, you can change it onto your phone number or another email address, while having an opportunity to eliminate the previous contact.
  • Password. In this field, you can set up a new password for your Facebook account. There will be given three fields: in the first one you have to enter your current password, while you should type your new password in the following two fields. Then, give a click to the “Save Changes” button and you will get a new password.
  • Networks. This feature allows you to set up a primary network for your account, if you turned it on.
  • Temperature. Facebook also shows the weather for the events and at the time you are going to visit them. So, choose how you want the temperature to be displayed: in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

If you still have not signed up for this social network, find out how to do it here.