Facebook Language and Blocking Features

In order to make utilizing Facebook more comfortable for its users, the company has provided the users with Facebook language and blocking features. Thanks to these features, you are able to block certain users, messages, apps, events or whatsoever as well as to specify certain language settings. This simple guide will stand in good stead for making your experience of using the world´s largest network more agreeable.

Facebook Language and Blocking Features 1

Click on the ¨Settings¨ button in order to make your experience of using Facebook more pleasant

Step 1. Insert the following link in to the address line of the browser and click on the Enter button: http://facebook.com/.

Step 2. Type your phone number (or email) as well as password in and sign in to the network.

Step 3. In the upper part of the screen, choose an icon of a pointer looking down (have a look at the screenshot). In the opened pop-up menu, click on “Settings.”

Step 4. You will see the page of general settings of your Facebook account. Then, you need to find “Blocking” in the menu leftside. Give it a click.

Step 5. On the newly-opened page, you are able to block certain content or users as well as to conduct several other operations. In particular:

  • Restricted List. As Facebook says, you can add your Facebook friends to this list in order to make them unavailable of seeing the posts you post solely for your friends. Facebook also points out that no your friend will get a notification if you add him or her to the list.
  • Block users. Here, you can block the users that bother or annoy you. Once you have blocked such a person, he or she is unable to see your posts, invite you to groups or events, start a conversation with you, or enter to your timeline. In the same window, you are able to unblock the users you have banned already.
  • Block messages. In this field, you can block messages as well as video & audio calls from certain users. However, they will be able to post on your timeline, read your posts, and tag you.
  • Block app invites. This feature allows you to block people who bother you with invites to try out some apps over and over.
  • Block event invites. Here, you can block event invites from certain people. Once you have blocked event invites from a certain person, you will not receive any events invites from him or her in the future.
  • Block pages. You are able to block certain pages with the help of this feature. Once you have chosen so and blocked a certain page, that page will be automatically unfollowed and unliked by you.

Step 6. In the menu located leftside, click on “Language” right below the “Blocking” section. In that section, you are able to:

  • Choose the language of Facebook. For instance, in the provided screenshot this field is specified as “English (US).”
  • News Feed Translation Preferences. Here, you are able to choose in what language you want to read the stories that one has to translate from other languages. Also, you can specify which languages you understand and stories from which languages you want to be not translated.
  • Multilingual Posts. You are also able to turn on posting on several languages.Facebook Language and Blocking Features 2

    Here you can find Facebook Language and Blocking Features

In case if you still do not have an account on the world’s largest social network, get to know how to sign up for it here. On this page, you can get to know how to make your account more secure.