Facebook Sign In

Millions and millions of users utilize various social networks every hour, including Facebook – the most popular social network in the world.

Once you have signed up to Facebook, you barely can have a day without signing in to check the updates. The process of Facebook sign in or Facebook login is definitely simple and does not require substantial efforts. The post below will help you to do it within a minute.

Facebook Sign In Step-by-step


The design of Facebook's main page

Sign in to the world’s largest social network here

  • Step 1. Enter the company’s website either by googling it or by inserting the following link in the browser’s address line: http://facebook.com.

Facebook Logging In

Your email address and password may be remembered by the browser, in case if you opted to do so

  • Step 2. After you have entered the website of Facebook, pay attention to the right part of the screen. In the up-right corner, you will see two lines where you should enter your email and password. Depending on what you specified during the sign up process, you can also enter phone number instead of email address. Moreover, you could previously choose to save the email address and password in your browser. In such case, you have to do anything but just to click on the “Log in” button, located to the right side of the lines (have a look at the second screenshot). Let’s suppose that you are logging in from another computer and so you have to type the data in. After it, click on the blue “Log in” button.

Facebook Sign In Form

Click on the “Forgot account?” button in order to regain control over your account

  • Step 3. Congratulations! You have just entered your Facebook account.
  • Step 4. If you forgot the password to your account, you can easily reset it. In order to do so, click on the “Forgot account?” button, located right beneath the password window. Then, enter either your phone number or email address in the newly-opened window and click on the “Find your account” button. Following, reset the password with the help of your mobile number or email address. Use it, in order to log in (look at the 1-3 steps).

Facebook Password Recovery

Enter your phone number of email address for resetting password

You can get to know more about using Facebook by going to Create Account Facebook and the Facebook Sign Up page.