Facebook Sign Up


Facebook reports tens of thousands of new accounts registered every single day, and the company did its best in order to provide the users with a simple Facebook sign up procedure.

If you want to join the world’s largest social network, you, indeed, will not face many obstacles. Just follow the instructions provided below and get to enjoy communication with myriads of users throughout the world!

Facebook Sign Up Step-by-step


  • Step 1. In the first place, enter the website. For that, look for Facebook in search engines or insert http://facebook.com/ in the address line of the browser and press “Enter”.

Facebook Sign Up Form

You are able to sign up to Facebook right on its main page

  • Step 2. Now, you see the network’s main page. There is nothing that you need in the left part of your browser now, so move right away to the right section. In the upper part of it, you will see two windows for entering your login (i.e. email or phone number) and password. Later, you will use it for signing in to the system. As for now, move lower. There, you will see a registration form.
  • Step 3. Begin filling your personal information in. In particular, you should specify your real name and surname. Following it, provide your phone number or email, which will serve as your login. Also, you will need it to confirm the account and regain control in case of losing the password or having the account stolen. After it, make up the password (keep in mind, the password is case-sensitive) and provide other details like the birthdate and gender.

Facebook Contacts Import

Here you can import the contacts

  • Step 4. Complete the registration procedure by clicking on the large button “Sign Up.” Then, opt to import or not import contacts from your email address as well as other services and click “Next.” Before you can use your account, go to the email you specified and confirm the account by clicking on the respective button in the letter. Also, there is a code, which you may be asked to enter into the network.

Facebook registation completion

This window will be opened before you will get to actually use Facebook

  • Step 5. After you have confirmed your account, you can fully enjoy the opportunities that Facebook offers!

Facebook Letter of Confirmation

The letter of account confirmation

You can find out more about Facebook by visiting Create Account Facebook and Facebook Sign In page.