Specifying Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook, the world’s largest social network with more than 1 billion users, provides its clients with a startling opportunity to reach their relatives and friends from any place in the world at any time. Nevertheless, using this opportunity also bears certain risks, some of which are online abuse and post flooding. You can easily avoid such an unpleasant experience by changing Facebook privacy settings, which by default leave you quite exposed to such things. Use the step-by-step guide, presented below, for securing more privacy for your account.

Facebook privacy

In order to open the window of Settings, give a click to the directed-at-the-bottom pointer, located in the upper-right corner

Step 1. In the first place, enter to the website of Facebook by inserting the link http://facebook.com/ into the address line of your browser.

Step 2. Enter your login (or email address) and password and click on the “Sign in” button.

Step 3. Once you have entered to your Facebook account, you are able to secure the better privacy of your account. In order to do that, have a look at the pane in the upper part of the screen, namely Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications, and Privacy Shortcuts. The latter one looks like a lock icon. Yet, you should give a click to the icon located to the right side from the Privacy Shortcuts icon (have a look at the screenshot).

Step 4. In the newly-opened pop-up window, you will see a number of options. Choose “Settings” among the other options.

Step 5. Now, you appeared in the menu of general settings (have a look at the next screenshot). You have to proceed further by clicking on the “Privacy settings” in the given menu, located on the left side of the screen.


This way looks the window of general settings of your Facebook account

Step 6. In the window that opened in front of you, you are able to change certain settings that are set up by default as “public” or “for everyone”. In particular, you are able to change:

  • Who is able to see your posts. Instead of making the posts available for the public, you can opt to let only your friends or even solely yourself see the posts. There are, however, even more available settings. You can even opt to show your posts solely to people from your area (Madrid, Spain, for instance) by clicking on “More Options”. There, you will also find the “Custom” button, where you can specify the friends whom you want not to see your posts.
  • There is also available the option of reviewing all the posts in which you have been tagged. Just click on “Use Activity Log.”
  • Limit the access to your old post. This option is quite helpful if you have posted the messages you wish your friends not to see nowadays. Otherwise, even Facebook will warn you that it will take much time to reverse this setting.
  • Who is able to contact you. Here, you can find not so many options: either everyone, or friends of your friends.
  • Who is able to look you up. There are two options of looking you up: by email address and by phone number. In both cases, there are available such settings: everyone, friends of friends, or friends.
  • You can also prohibit search engines like Google from linking to your Facebook account. Just remove a tick in the last setting of this menu.

Facebook privacy 3

Here, you are able to specify your Facebook privacy settings

This way, you are able to enhance Facebook privacy. In order to get to know how to sign up for Facebook, visit this page.