Specifying Facebook Timeline and Notifications Settings

Facebook offers a real abundance of various settings to us, and adjusting Facebook timeline and notifications is an important issue. The timeline settings allow you to specify who post on your timeline, who can see what was posted on your timeline, and who can tag you. In the meanwhile, you are able to set up whether and how the notifications will sound, or you even can turn a feature on that allows you to see new messages in the Chrome browser while having Facebook not opened. The guide below will help you to get to know more about it.
Facebook timeline and notifications settings 1

Here you can specify Facebook timeline and notifications settings (colored in red)

Step 1. Open your browser and enter the website of Facebook (http://facebook.com/).

Step 2. Enter the login and password of yours and log in to the system.

Step 3. In the upper part of your screen, find the icon of pointer (directed below) and give it a click.

Step 4. In the pop-up menu, select “Settings”.

Step 5. You will see a menu of sections leftside. First, go to the Timeline and Tagging Settings (have a look at the screenshot). Here, you can find:

  • Who can add things to my timeline? First, you can specify who is able to post on your timeline, and you have two options: only you and your friends. In the second line, you can enable the feature that requires you to review the posts where you have been tagged first, before actually letting them appear in your timeline.
  • Who can see things on my timeline? If you click on the “View As” button in the first line, you can see your timeline as if you were using an account of your friend. The second line allows you to choose who can see the posts where you have been tagged: everyone, friends of friends, friends, only you, or you can create an own option. The same choice you have regarding the third feature, where you are able to choose what other people post on your timeline. By default, the latter two features are set as “everyone.”
  • How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions? The first feature, if you enable it, allows you to see what tags your friends add to your posts before they will appear (by default, this feature is disabled). The second feature gives you an opportunity to choose who you let to be the audience among those who are not tagged: friends, only yourself, or another option you are able to set up. The latest feature, which is turned on by default, allows your friends to tag you on those photos where a person that looks like you appears. You can specify “no one” instead of “friends.”

Step 6. Then, select “Notifications” in the menu located leftside. There, you can find:

  • On Facebook. Here, you can specify when you want to hear the sound of notifications on Facebook. By default, almost all sounds are turned on.
  • Email. This feature allows you to specify what kind of email letters you will receive from Facebook: 1) only notifications about your account, security and privacy; 2) important notifications about you or activity you’ve missed) 3) all notifications, except of those unsubscribed by you. Also, here you can see what notifications you disabled.
  • Desktop and Mobile. Here, you can see what notifications you receive, and you can turn off any of them. By the way, here you can turn on viewing notifications with the help of Google Chrome (without having Facebook open). Just click on the “Turn On” bright green button.
  • Text Message. Here you choose SMS messages regarding what you will receive: you can either turn off some of them (if you wish) or disable this feature at all.

This way, you have easily configured the Facebook timeline and notifications settings. You can also get to know how to sign up for Facebook on this page.

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