How to Strengthen Facebook Account Security

Facebook with its world’s largest audience, while being attractive to so many internet users, needs you to make sure that your account on this social network is secured enough. Indeed, Facebook account security is one of the primary matters, and you are able to ensure that you did your best for protecting your page by specifying security settings. Moreover, there are several different settings you may have a need of. Just follow the instructions given below, and you can be sure that your account is as secure as it can be.

Facebook account security

By opting “Settings” the in the pop-up menu, you are able to enhance Facebook account security

Step 1. Enter to the webpage of Facebook (

Step 2. Type in your email address (or phone number) and password and log in to the network.

Step 3. After having signed in to the social network, go to the menu in the upper part of the page. There, click on the icon in the shape of a pointer to the bottom.

Step 4. In the newly-opened menu, click on “Settings.”

Step 5. You will appear on the page of the general settings of your Facebook account. In the menu located to the left side, click on “Security”, placed right below the “General” settings.

Step 6. After that, you will appear on the page where you can strengthen or loosen the security of Facebook account. In particular, you can specify such settings:

  • Login Alerts. First of all, you can set up to get alerts when someone (even if that someone is you) logs in to your Facebook account. With the help of this feature, you will receive notifications (if you specify so) on to either your email or mobile phone, once someone logged in from an unrecognized browser or device.
  • Login Approvals. You can also make sure that your account is safe by turning login approvals on. Once you have enabled this feature, you will receive an SMS message anytime you or anyone else is trying to log in from unrecognized browsers or devices (the ones that you have not used before for accessing your Facebook account). After entering the code from the message, you will be able to sign in.
  • Code Generator. Enabling this option will allow you to generate access codes via Facebook application.
  • App Passwords. This feature allows you to generate different passwords for logging in to Facebook with the help of the Facebook app. This means that the passwords for logging in to the network with the browser and with the app will be different.
  • Public Key. Here, you can enter your Facebook public key (or, previously download it).
  • Your Trusted Contacts. Here you can specify the people (your friends or relatives) who will help you to recover the control over your page in such a need.
  • Your Browsers and Apps. Here, you can find a list of browsers and devices from which you will not get notifications. Also, you can remove some or all of them.
  • Where You’re Logged In. This feature provides you with the information about when and where from you have logged in to your account. You can also end a certain or all activities.
  • Legacy Contact. This feature allows you to specify a person who will manage your Facebook page once you died.
  • Deactivate Your Account. This feature allows you to delete your page and all the information.

Facebook security 2

Strengthen Facebook account security by choosing certain features that will better protect your page

This simple guide shows how to get registered on Facebook. Here, you can get to know more about privacy settings.