How to Use Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook Privacy Shortcuts, the button of which you can find in the upper part of the screen, allows you to ensure the basic privacy of your Facebook account easily and quickly. This feature has two functions: the first one is informative, since with the help of this button you can find out about strengthening the privacy in Facebook; the second one is protective, giving you an opportunity to ensure the privacy of your Facebook account. Read the article below in order to get to know how to use this button properly.

Facebook privacy shortcuts 1

The button of Facebook Privacy Shortcuts provides you with useful information and allows ensuring the privacy of the account 

Step 1. Open your browser and go to the website

Step 2. Type your login (email or phone number) and password in order to log in. Click on “Sign in.”

Step 3. Once you have logged in, pay attention to the pane placed above. Leftside from the “Home” button, there will be the following buttons: Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications, and Privacy Shortcuts. The latest one looks like a lock icon. Give it a click.

Step 4. Following it, you will see a pop-up menu, consisting of four main sections.

  • The Privacy Checkup section. This section is the only one colored in a dark blue color (look at the screenshot). Once you have clicked on this button, the system will acquaint you with the basics of privacy on the social network. In particular, there are three main points in this section: the privacy of posts, apps, and your profile. You get to view the information one after one, whereas you have to click on the “Learn More” or “Next” buttons after the first two points. At the end, you will see the crucial information and with whom you are currently sharing it: your phone number, email, birthdate, and hometown. There you can change it: for instance, you are able to change the phone number “displayed to yourself” instead of “displayed to friends.” Then, click either on the “My About Page” button (if you want to change the info) or the “Finish Up” one. If you have chosen the latter option, you can click on the available “More About Privacy” button in order to find out more.
  • “Who can see my stuff?” section consists of three features. The first one allows you to adjust what people see your posts: public, friends, only you, or you can set up a different, tailored option. The second feature redirects you to your activity log, where you are able to look through what you have been doing on Facebook (likes, posts, reposts, comments, etc.). And the third feature, perhaps one of the most important ones, allows you to view your timeline as your friend or even as a specific person. This way, you get to know what your friends actually see on your page.
  • Who can contact me?” section allows you to choose what users are able to reach you: all the users or just friends of friends.
  • “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” section enables you to block people. In the given field, you need just to enter the name of the user and click on the “Block” button.

Also, you can find more about the privacy of Facebook by clicking on one of the following buttons below the mentioned sections: “See More Settings” and “Privacy Basics.” This way, Facebook Privacy Shortcuts button allows you to ensure the privacy of your Facebook page quickly and easily. Visit this page in order to get to know more about the privacy on Facebook. If you still do not have an account, register on Facebook with the help of this guide.