Gmail Sign In


Gmail, the world’s most popular email service (which is also considered to be the most secure), serves millions and millions users every day that use Gmail Sign In service.

Many of them are not automatically logged in, but they have to sign in manually. No matter what is the reason of their decision to abandon the automatic logging in, Google followed its path of maximum simplification even in this matter. With the help of the step-by-step guide presented below, you can easily sign in to your email service (as well as other Google’s services).


Gmail Sign In Step-by-Step


  • Step 1. In the first place, you have to enter the website of Google. In order to do that, copy the link to your browser’s address line and press enter.

Google's appearance

This way looks the main page of Google

  • Step 2. After having done this, go to the menu of Google located in the up-right corner. There, give a click to the “Sign in” button, colored in blue.

Open the Menu of Google

In order to sign in, click on the respective button

  • Step 3. After the click, a new page will be opened in your browser. If you have not only one but several Google accounts, you will be able to choose the one you wish to enter right in this window. Indeed, Google did its best to be the most comfortable system for users who have several accounts. In any case, choose the account by clicking on it.Gmail accounts

    The window of selecting one’s Google accounts

  • Step 4. On the newly-opened page, enter your password of the respective account. You can also go back to the previous menu by pressing on “Sign in with a different account” under the sign in form. After having entered the password, click on the large “Sign in” button.

Gmail Sign In Password

Type your password in this form

  • Step 5. You appear on the main page of Google, but now you are signed in. Go to the menu again and click on the icon of “Google apps.”

Google applications button

Go to “Google apps” again

  • Step 6. In the menu of Google apps, click on “More” (below the presented nine apps). Then, choose Gmail and click on it.

Google's Menu Opened

Click on “More” for getting the icon of Gmail

  • Step 7. Now you are signed in to your email account.

Gmail's place in the Google Apps

Click on the “Gmail” icon

In order to get to know about using Gmail, visit Create Account Gmail page and Gmail Sign Up page.