Gmail Sign Up


Gmail is considered to be one of the safest email services, and so there is nothing supernatural that many users decide to create a Gmail account,  we will teach you today how to Gmail sign up.

Google has always strived to simplify most of its processes as well as design, so the process of Gmail sign up will not take much time or efforts of yours. Just follow the instructions provided below.


Gmail Sign Up Step-by-Step


  • Step 1. Get to the website of Google by typing its link ( in the address line of the browser and pressing “Enter”.

The main page of Google

The minimalistic design of Google

  • Step 2. In the up-right corner of the screen, you will see the Google’s menu. Click on the “Google apps” button, which looks like 9 blocks (3 per each line and column).

The apps button

Gmail is located in “Google apps”

  • Step 3. After clicking on the button, you will see a pop-up menu with the icons of Google’s services. Yet, first click on the “More” button, located below the icons. After it, you will be able to find the Gmail icon out there. Give it a click.

Google Apps List

In order to find the mail service, click on the “More” button

  • Step 4. After it, you will see a window in which you have to enter your email address and password. Instead of using it, go lower and click on “Create account.”

Google Apps List with Gmail

Choose Gmail

  • Step 5. In the newly-opened window, you will see a registration form. Fill the personal information in, choose the name of your account and password, and provide either your phone number or another email account in order to be able to recover the account later in case of an emergency.

Gmail Sign Up

Begin the process of signing up

  • Step 6. In order to confirm that you are not a robot, type the symbols from the picture in the respective line. Also, put a tick near the line which asks you to agree with the policy of Google.

Gmail Sign Up Form

Enter all the information required by the system

  • Step 7. Click “Create account.” The work is done, and now you are able to take advantage of the newly-created email account of yours!

Gmail Account Created


You can get to know more about Gmail by going to the page of Gmail Sign In