Problems While Signing In to Gmail

Nowadays, Gmail has become an incredibly important service, and the status of an email service provider with the world’s largest audience just proves it. Gmail has gained its popularity thanks to a simple, user-friendly interface and credible security system. However, there may happen a situation when you will have a need to sign in to the email service, yet you will fail to do so. What one has to do then? This article discloses the most common problems while signing in to Gmail and provides solutions for them.

problems signing in to gmail

Click on the blue button in the upper-right corner in order to sign in

In the first place, try to make use of the Google’s Help Center, which may provide you with fairly useful recommendations. Also, you should check the following things once you have faced a problem with signing in to Gmail:

  • Get to know whether some other person is using your account and/or has changed your password;
  • Check whether you have typed your account name in correctly at all;
  • Keep in mind that the password field is a case-sensitive one; therefore, make sure that the “Caps Lock” button is off and that the password is entered with a correct font.

Signing in to Gmail 2

Here you can try to recover your password

Once you have checked and all is correct while you still cannot sign in to your account, proceed further. Under the window where you have to enter your password, you will see a question “Need Help?”, written with tiny blue letters. Give it a click, and you will appear on the page that will offer you to enter the last password you remember (have a look at the screenshot). If the system did not provide you access to the account, then go further. By clicking on “Try a different question”, you are able to choose another means of proving your identity.

Signing In to Gmail 3

Recovery with the help of the mobile number is one of the most effective methods

The best option is to verify your identity with the help of the mobile number. There, you can opt to do it either by getting a call or by receiving an SMS message. After having entered the code you received, you will appear on the page where you will be able to set up a new password for your account.

If you have not specified your phone number, however, attempt to restore the control over your account by sending an email letter with a new password to your reserved email (as you could guess, you have to click on “Try a different question” until you will see the needed option). If there is a more complicated issue that cannot be solved by such means (like having your account stolen), then you have to write a ticket to the support of Gmail. And the only advice that can be given here is to do it as fast as possible.

Signing in to Gmail 4

Set up a new, more reliable password for your Gmail account

Besides, also make sure that the servers of Google are actually running properly (sometimes they get out of order, which is not a surprise). By the way, you can get to know more about signing up for Gmail here.