How to Set Gmail Themes

Unlike many other email service providers, Gmail, one of the most secure email services, offers a quite large selection of themes. Moreover, the Gmail themes will adorn the whole page of your Gmail account – which is quite different from how, for instance, Hotmail themes work. In addition to that, Gmail did its best in order to simplify the process of a new theme selection as much as it could be. The simple, step-by-step guide, presented below, will help you to make the interface of Gmail brighter and not so dull. Just follow the instructions.

Gmail Themes 1

In order to log in to the system, find the icon of letter in Google Apps

Step 1. Open your browser and enter Google (

Step 2. Click on the Google Apps button, located in the right-upper part of the screen (it looks like 9 dots, 3 in each row).

Step 3. By default, the icon of email is placed below the other apps. So, scroll down and find the icon of Gmail, which is portrayed with a letter (have a look at the screenshot).

Step 4. Type your email address in (or choose from the given options). Then, click on the “Next” button and type your password in. Now, you have finally signed in to the system.

Gmail themes 2

If you want to see the selection of the available Gmail themes, you need to click on the given buttons (colored in red)

Step 5. After that, you need to enter the settings. In order to do that, you should find an icon of cogwheel in the right-upper part of the page (right before the colored Google letter where should have been your photo, or have a look at the second screenshot).

Step 6. Once you have opened a pop-up menu of settings, select the “Themes” button there.

Step 7. Following it, you will appear on the page, where there is a large selection of themes offered. At first, there are more than 40 Gmail themes which you can choose, beginning with simple colors with no pictures and ending with bright, detailed images. So, you can choose whatever is up to you. However, if that is not enough to you, there is a way of choosing among an even bigger number of photos.
gmail themes 3

Here you can pick a specific them; pay attention to how the chosen theme looks on the page

Step 8. In order to enlarge the selection of themes, scroll down to the fifth row of the themes. There, you will see the picture with a written text “More Images.” Click on this image.

Step 9. You will appear on the page with a bulk of themes. In the “Featured” section, you are able to choose a theme provided by professional photographers and editors. If you want to set your photo up as a theme, click on the “My photos” button (if the photo is uploaded to Google Drive, or Google Photos) or choose one of the following options: “Paste a URL” or “Upload a Photo.” Once you have selected or uploaded the photo, give it a click and then hit the “Select” button. Now, you will see how your Gmail page became adorned with another theme.

If you have not had a possibility to take advantage of Gmail’s features yet, try it now by signing up to Gmail with the assistance of this manual.