Taking Advantage of Gmail Filters

Gmail, one of the most popular and secure email service providers, has given us an opportunity to take advantage of the feature of Gmail filters. Moreover, you are able to do many more actions with this feature than if you used another email service provider.  What essentially Gmail filters are? Simply put, they allow you to manage your email letters much quicker and more comfortable as well as to solve the problem of spam, if you have faced it. Moreover, it is not that difficult to set up one or several filters. In order to do that, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Gmail Filters 1

In the settings of your Gmail account, you are able to create a filter by going to the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” section

Step 1. Open Google (http://google.com/) in your browser and sign in to Gmail (click on the Google Apps button, and then scroll down until you will see the icon of the letter).

Step 2. Once you have logged in to the system, click on the icon of a cogwheel (the Settings icon) and then select Settings in the  pop-up menu.

Step 3. In the menu of settings, click on the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” button in the list of sections.

Step 4. On this page, you are able to set up a new filter. For doing so, click on the “Create a new filter” button (look at the first screenshot).

Gmail filters 2

This way looks the window where you have to set up a filter with certain characteristics (here, for instance, letters that have a word “table” and do not have a word “you”)

Step 5. Then, there will appear a window where you will be able to set up a new filter. There are several fields in the filter:

  • From. Specify if you want to filter the letters received from a certain email address.
  • To. Specify if you want to filter the letters sent to a certain email address.
  • Subject. This option allows you to filter the letters according to their subject (theme).
  • Has the words. This allows you to filter the letters that contain the specified words.
  • Does not have. This allows you to filter the letters that do not contain the specified words.

Also, you can specify whether the letters should have attachments, include charts, and what size of the letters should be at all.

In the second screenshot, there is a simple filter shown: the letters should contain the word “table” and should not contain the word “you.” Then, you are able either to search such letters or to create such a filter. In order to do the first, you need to click on the blue button of search in the left-bottom corner. Since this guide is about setting up a filter, let us suppose you are trying to create a filter. For that, click on “Create filter with this search” in the opposite bottom corner.
Gmail filters 3

There is a set of actions that you may do with the filtered letters

Step 6. Now, you have almost created the filter. On a new page, just choose what you wish to do with the filtered letters, beginning with deleting them and finishing with starring the letters. Then, click on the blue “Create filter” button. It is shown in the last screenshot that there are 6 letters that were filtered so, and you can do the action you chose for them, too: place a tick near “Also apply filter to…”.

As you can see, Gmail filters stand in good stead for managing your inbox effectively. If you cannot enjoy this feature due to not having an account in Gmail, use this instruction for signing up to the system.