How Do Hotmail Inbox and Sweep Rules Work

Managing your email account is not that easy job sometimes, but an ability to turn sweep and inbox rules is definitely helpful. You can create a certain rule, if you can see that the letters you receive which, for example, contain certain words are mostly spam. Or, on the contrary, important messages regarding your job may contain other words, marked in a specific way, or sent by a specific person. For all such cases, you are able to create Hotmail rules that will sort out such messages by doing the actions you will set. Sweep rules are different only in a fact that they run from time to time for keeping your account clean.
Hotmail rules 1

On this page, you are able to create inbox and sweep rules in order to make managing your email account less time-consuming

Step 1. Open your browser and go to the Microsoft’s MSN website (

Step 2. In the set of programs, click on “”

Step 3. Once you got to see the main page of Hotmail, sign in to the system with the help of its sign in form as well as your email address and password.

Step 4. In your account, find the button of “Settings”, sandwiched between the “Help” and “Notifications” buttons. Click on it.

Step 5. In the pop-up menu that has just opened in front of you, select “Options”.

Step 6. You will see a menu of options opened on the left side of your page. There, you should go: Mail > Automatic processing > Inbox and sweep rules.
Hotmail rules 2

A great advantage of Hotmail rules is that they can boast a large number of conditions, actions, and options, and you are able to add whatever number of the conditions you want

Step 7. On this page, you are able to configure Hotmail rules. In order to create a rule, click on the “+” (Add) icon, located right above the window of inbox rules.  In this window, you are able to configure the rule. There, you have the following settings:

  • Name. Name your rule in order not to get messed among them.
  • When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions. Here, you configure specific conditions about how the letters should be sorted out. There are such categories (which are divided into the following subcategories): it was sent or received, it includes these words, my name is, it’s marked with, it’s (attachments and so on), and then size and span. On the whole, you are able to apply a condition out of around 30 others. If you want to apply more conditions, just click on “Add condition” below the first one.
  • Do all of the following. That’s the most important point: what will be done with the sorted letters. There are four options: moving, copying or deleting a letter, marking it, pinning it, or forwarding/sending to someone.
  • Except if it matches any of these conditions. You can also make an exception, if you can see a pattern of which letters should be left untouched. Click on the “Add exception” button, and you will get to choose between the same settings that you had in the conditions.
  • Stop processing more rules. If you leave a tick near this line, it means that only this rule will be applied to a letter, even if it has conditions for other rules too.

Step 8. Once you have configured a filter, click on the “OK” button. Following it, click on “Save” in the page of Hotmail rules.