Selecting a New Theme in Hotmail

It is possible, indeed, that you have to use your email account for the job and other affairs very often. And in such a situation, it is very likely to happen that the default design of your Hotmail account maybe dull and fairly boring for you, so making it at least a bit more bright would be a nice idea. The feature of setting a Hotmail theme comes in handy in this kind of situations, and it will not take more than several minutes of your time. For the sake of simplicity and convenience of yours, we have created this article that will give you an idea how to change your Hotmail theme quickly and easily.
Hotmail theme 1

You are able to choose one of the offered Hotmail themes on this page

Step 1. On your PC or laptop, open the browser and go to the website of MSN (

Step 2. You will see a menu of programs situated on the upper part of the page, and you have to choose out of offered options.

Step 3. Sign in with the help of your email account and password. If you do not know how to do it, this simple guide may stand in good stead.

Step 4. After signing in to the Hotmail account of yours, find the button of “Settings”, which is sandwiched between the “Notifications” and “Help” buttons, in the right-upper corner. Once you have clicked on it, you will see a pop-up menu opening up. In that pop-up menu, select “Options.”

Step 5. In the menu of options which is located on the left side, you have to click on the “General” section of options. Do so.

Step 6. Following it, give one click of the left button of your mouse to “Change theme.” On the newly opened page, you will see around 50 Hotmail themes, each of which you are able to try out and then set as a theme of your account.

You can view how each of the offered themes looks on your account by giving a simple click on the theme you want to see. Indeed, unfortunately Hotmail themes, unlike the ones of Gmail and Yahoo, change only certain elements, but not the whole picture. However, it is already a quite good distinction to what your account has been before.

So, once you have picked a good theme for your account, leave it so and click on the “Save” button, located above the all themes. Now you can enjoy your newly set theme, which makes your Hotmail account look a little bit colorful.

Step 7. There is another way of setting a Hotmail theme, maybe even a bit easier than the one we have just used. Click on the “Options” button, and in the opened pop-up menu you will see the “Change theme” button. Select it, and then you will see a set of the same themes (the ones you were choosing out of just a minute ago) on the right side of the screen. Here, it works the same way as before: click on a theme and see how it looks. Then, click on the “OK” button above. Now, you know two ways of setting a theme.