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This is a Bluetooth Pro Controller running straight from your phone!
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switch pro bluetooth controller + macros apk. This is a Bluetooth Pro Controller running straight from your phone!

Open the controllers menu on the switch, click Change Grip/Order, then click the Connect button on the app. The first connection will sometimes take some doing to get it connected, the switch is moody sometimes. Once you see a pop up saying “Connect to Bluetooth Device” click connect. Then click the connect button on the controller and you are done! After this all you need to do is click the Connect button on the main screen and then click the icon to connect the controller, no need to go into the controller menu.

Once connected, the controller will work, if you want to use the macros, click the instructions button to get everything set up. If the controller seems to be skipping inputs, drag the delay slider to add some delay between button presses. I have run this app for 24 hours straight breeding eggs so, while it may take some time to set up, it is worth it.


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