Instagram Sign In


Instagram is the world’s most popular service for image sharing, yet sometimes it seems that the procedure of signing up is even simpler than the process of Instagram Sign In.

However, use the step-by-step guide, provided below, in order not to let you get confused in Instagram’s wilds. There is nothing complicated in getting logged in to Instagram.


Instagram Sign In Step-by-Step


  • Step 1. In the first place, you need to enter the website of Instagram. Insert the link into the browser’s address line and proceed there.

Instagram's main page

The button for logging in is not as distinct as the sign up button

  • Step 2. Below the registration form, you can see a question, written with not so large letters, “Have an account?” Exactly near it, there is the “Log in” button. Click on it.

Instagram Sign Up Form

Use the “Log in” button, placed in the very bottom

  • Step 3. Following it, you see the sign in form. There, you should enter your username (the one you specified in the beginning) or email and password. After having it done, click on the large “Log in” button and welcome back to Instagram!

Instagram Sign In Form

The sign in form

  • Step 4. If you forgot the password, find the question “Forgot?” in the window where you have to enter your password. Give it a click.

Instagram password reset

Here you can reset your password with the help of your email address

  • Step 5. In the new page, specify your name or email and enter the symbols from the Captcha.

Instagram notification

Instagram Email Password Reset

A similar letter you will receive in your email

  • Step 6. Go to your email box. There, you will find a letter from Instagram. Open it and you will see a noticeable “Reset password” button. Give it a click in order to proceed.

Getting a new password for Instagram account

Set up a new password for your account

  • Step 7. Now, you are back to Instagram. Here, enter the new password you want to set up and repeat it in the second window. Then, click on the “Reset password” button.

Instagram log in

Now you can easily log in to Instagram with the help of a newly-specified password

  • Step 8. Following it, you have got a new password. There is again a page with a sign in form opened in your browser. Enter your name as well as the new password and enjoy using Instagram.

Instagram is back!

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