Instagram Sign Up


Instagram, a service for sharing photos online, can boast a significant, even impressive number of users worldwide that use Instagram Sign Up every day.

Thanks to the ownership of Facebook, it has a strong connection and with that social network and well integrated into it. Considering that this service is created for sharing photos, i.e. fun, it does not come as a surprise that the process of signing up in this service is perhaps the simplest among all possible social media and websites. In order not to get lost, nevertheless, follow the instructions below and prepare to amaze the world with your photos.


Instagram Sign Up Step-by-Step


  • Step 1. Begin with entering the service’s website. You should either find it in search engines, or use the link in your browser. Both options take just a few seconds of your time.

Insta main page

This way looks the main page of Instagram, a popular service for image sharing

  • Step 2. Now, you have just entered the main page of the service. It boasts a quite minimalistic design, and you can surely see the sign up form on the right side of the screen. In the first place, you can create an account by logging in with your Facebook account. This way, your Instagram account will be immediately attached to the one of Facebook. Let us suppose you opt to create a separate account.

Instagram form for signing up

Use this form for creating your Instagram account

  • Step 3. Fill the given registration form in. Provide the service with your email, name, and set up a password. In addition, make up a username, which will be displayed when you will use the service. After all the fields are filled, click on the “Sign up” button.

Instagram sign up

Welcome to the service of Instagram!

  • Step 4. Right after you have just clicked on the button, you appear in your Instagram account. There is, however, one tiny thing you have to do still: confirm your account. Go to your email.

Instagram Account Confirmation

Confirm your email address

  • Step 5. In your mail box, find the letter from Instagram and confirm the account. Now you can take advantage of using this photo sharing service!

Instagram Account Confirmed

Now, you can freely use your Instagram account

In order to be more aware of how to use Instagram, visit the Create Account Instagram page and the Instagram Sign In page.