Instagram Is Testing a Feature of Saving Drafts

The recent weeks have been filled with a buzz over the newly introduced Instagram´s features, such as its daily chronic “Stories” or app updates that allow the users to zoom and swap a front camera to the rear one while recording a video. However, there is another feature that may appear to be forthcoming and which will, without any doubt, revolutionize the way Instagram functions. And the name of this feature is “Save Draft”.
“Save Draft”

The “Save Draft” feature gives the users of Instagram an opportunity to save the images that they have not posted yet, instead of simply discarding them

If you are a master of shooting photos, and if you are frequently in regret about not posting some of your photos, this feature is going to capture you. This “Save Draft” feature is something that a lot of users demanded for quite a while, whereas there had been no response from the company. For instance, when you usually press the “Back” button, the app notifies you that by doing so, you will discard a photo you were editing or going to post.

With the introduction of this feature, you will see the same notification, but you will be able to opt whether to “Save Draft” or to “Discard” the photo. In July, the internet had been flooded with exciting tweets that the Instagram has made this feature available to some users. Even more users were able to try this feature out in August. Indeed, this feature caused a large wave of enthusiasm among the users.

The feature has been met by the users with a pretty large dose of keenness, and this could have been quite a surprise to the company. Then it is not a wonder that once the feature became unavailable again, myriads of users started to lament and complain about it.

As it turned out, the company was solely testing the feature that might be implemented. The public testing is one of the last stages, yet it is not clear yet whether and when the feature will be implemented. As the representatives of Instagram stated, “we are in a constant search of new ways how to improve the experience of people using Instagram.” At the same time, the representatives declined to inform about the future of this feature. Yeah, this just shows that it is too early to have a lot of hope for the implementation of “Save Draft”, yet.

However, it will be an unreasonable move from the company if they refuse to implement the Instagram “Save Draft” feature, considering the joyfulness of the users when they got to know about it. Thus, considering this fact, the company may accelerate its activities regarding this feature. It is also reasonable to suppose that Instagram still has not been recovered from the outflow of users to Snapchat, which had occurred previously. Therefore, despite not having credible evidence, it would be logical if Instagram will implement this feature in the near future.