Instagram Has Released Two Notable Features for its App

Without an announcement, Instagram has recently released an update to its app for the users of both Android and iOS. The app update comes in the wake of Instagram´s promises to introduce other new features regarding photo sharing. However, this quiet update – as the tech observers called it – has brought rather significant changes to the way users experience the use of Instagram. And even though such features may seem minor, compared to Instagram’s battle against its rival Snapchat and the introduction of the feature called “Stories”, yet many users have immediately fallen in love with this update.
Instagram users

Both newly introduced features give the Instagram users an opportunity to record their videos in a much better, comfortable, and pleasant way

The first feature that has been brought by the update is a possibility to zoom a video while recording it. You can easily do it by swiping up and down, thus managing how close the picture should be. What is even more pleasant and has brought a bit of enthusiasm to the Instagram users is that this feature is available for the users of phones on the both iOS and Android platforms.

Indeed, this feature has been for years available in Snapchat, the main rival of Instagram. Yet, the Instagram users, who by number confidently surpass the number of Snapchat users so far, could not enjoy using this feature in Instagram’s 3-to-60 second videos. Now, the people using Instagram are able to record these short clips while using the newly introduced feature.

Another nice surprise for the users of Instagram is the introduction of the camera swap feature. This means that now the users, while recording a video, are able to switch between the front and rear camera, which allows to record far richer with emotions and moments videos. There is a piece of bitterness, however, since this feature is available only for the iOS Instagram app. Moreover, it is neither known to the public, whether the company is going to introduce this feature to its Android app in the near future.

It is worth noting, however, that this camera swap feature has been introduced to Snapchat in the previous year, along with the zoom feature. This way, Instagram is attempting to catch up with its major rival.

There have been the other news that took the public by storm: the introduction of the “Stories” feature by Instagram. Even though it may look like an attempt to imitate Snapchat, the “Stories” feature allows the Instagram users to post several events that happened to them during a day, and then the post disappears after 24 hours. This is a quite different way of functioning than Snapchat’s feature (you can read more about this matter here).

The most observers note that the “Stories” feature from Instagram is designed for sharing causal daily moments. The latter app video updates show that the company is trying to please the wishes of their clients.

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