What Is Instagram’s Feature Called “Stories”?

Instagram has announced in its official blog post the introduction of the ¨Stories¨feature, and its implementation was taking place during the last several weeks. Essentially, what this feature is? The Instagram’s “Stories” allows to put a series of videos and photos that have been taken during a day together, and it will be viewed by the other users as a single, divided stream.
the Instagram’s “Stories” feature

The Instagram’s “Stories” feature, despite looking and even being named as he one of Snapchat, contains several important differences

This feature was released in the wake of a fierce battle between Instagram and Snapchat as well as the outflow of users from Instagram. In its quiet update, Instagram had implemented several important video features that have made the company more competitive against Snapchat (you can read more about this matter here).

The newly introduced feature allows you also to add emoji to the pictures as well as provide you with an ability to insert text, which looks similar to Snapchat’s “Stories.” Indeed, you have just not correctly – Instagram had not even bothered itself with renaming the feature, whereas the company has just taken the same name for its feature as the one of Snapchat.

In the official blog, the company said that introducing this feature is one of the viable solutions to overposting. The company’s representative said that “with the help of this feature, you do not have to like or comment any of the photos in the “Stories” post. All you can do is viewing them. If you have to make any comment, you can do it by sending the message directly to the user.”

You can easily try this feature out: just go to a navigation bar at the top, where you can find popular accounts in Instagram and your friends. Once a certain user has added a new video or photo to the story, you will see a bright ring next to his/her avatar. It means the update of his/her story, and so you can enter his/her page in order to view it.

What makes this feature to be even nicer is a possibility to view who has looked through your story. In order to get to know who has done it, swipe up and you will see a list of names of the people who have viewed the story. By the way, you are able to allow only the followers of yours to see your Stories in the settings.

It is also worth noting that, unlike Snapchat, the stories in Instagram disappear in 24 hours after being posted. Another noticeable distinction is that the Instagram’s “Stories” feature is designed for posting casual, daily events, whereas typical posts will kept being used for posting big time events.

Despite such significant changes to the way how Instagram functions, the observers are skeptical about the suggestion that many users will get back to using Instagram. They note, however, that the newly introduced features may prevent the future outflows of users.

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