Instagram Anti-Harassment Tools Are Updated

The world’s most popular online photo sharing service has implemented new techniques for taming online abuse in the comments under photos in this social media. The release has come just a month after Instagram had implemented a filter against harassment for Instagram pages of businesses.

There is, however, noticeable discontent among the users of Instagram: whereas the problem does really exist, for now the update was introduced solely for “high-profile” accounts in an attempt to help celebrities to keep their accounts more or less clean.

Instagram anti-harassment tools

The Instagram anti-harassment tool, recently implemented by the company, is available only for high-profile accounts

The problem, nevertheless, goes much deeper than that. There is a serious problem with online harassment in the comments under Instragram photos, yet the things are not changing quickly enough. Moreover, the latest change and the implementation of a filter for business pages was similar to the one previously introduced by Twitter, which, however, was not that much effective (for instance, just have a look at how the Twitter page of Leslie Jones, a star of Ghobusters, had been harassed). A similar filter is still acting for business pages in Instagram. But the newly-released Instagram anti-harassment tool is a completely different matter, which rather looks like a comment moderation feature.

On this matter, The Washington Post reported that the high-profile accounts will enjoy the feature of eliminating certain single comments. Furthermore, the influential newspaper claimed that Instagram has intentions to make this feature available to other users as well. So, maybe the Instagram users suffering from online abuse will be in a way protected after all.

According to the description of the feature obtained by the newspaper, it will work not as an automated filter, but rather like an option that will enable you to delete abusing comments. Moreover, The Washington Post pointed out that Instagram is considering to implement a feature that will allow to block comments for some photos at all, which may be fairly useful in case of flood harassment.

Instagram’s head of public policy Nicky Colaco told the newspaper that the company is striving to make the service entertaining, friendly, and, what is the most important, safe for self expression. In particular, he told the newspaper that Instagram has already allowed the high-profile users to moderate the comments under their photos, yet he also stressed that the company is working hard to enable this feature to a broad audience.

Instagram anti-harassment tools 2

After having tackled the issue of online harassment seriously, Instagram aims to become the best and safest place for self expression

Despite the fact that the company is currently working on making the feature available for the whole Instagram community, many users are unsatisfied with the fact that they cannot take advantage of the new feature yet. However, the activization of the company’s work process regarding the safety matters are a good sign for all members of the community, and the latest news just show that Instagram takes this issue seriously. However, the release of this Instagram anti-harassment feature is just the beginning in a prolonged fight against online abusers.

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