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· App to solve problems and exercises from Thermodynamics Engineering books.
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· App to solve problems and exercises from Thermodynamics Engineering books.
· Quick and reliable calculations of steam tables of water, air, ideal gases, refrigerants and other substances.
· Explanations of the main concepts, equations and thermodynamic laws.
· Free download.

– Calculation of properties of states, processes and thermodynamic cycles of free design.
– Calculation of isobar, isothermal, isochoric, adiabatic (isentropic) and isenthalpic processes.
– Automatic calculation of predefined cycles: Carnot, Otto, Diesel, Dual-Mixed, Stirling, Joule-Brayton, Regenerative exchanger, Ideal power Rankine, Basic cooling Rankine, and Rankine with open or closed heat exchangers .
– Mass and energy balances according to the first principle.
– Calculation of heat exchangers: open, closed and mixed.
– Mass of Control or Volume of Control (closed system or open system) to calculate the work of the processes according to the exercise.
– Ambient State to calculate relative pressure and exergies.
– Reference State to adjust the results to different books or bibliographic sources: Cengel – Boles, Moran – Shapiro, Sonntag – Borgnakke – Van Wylen, Rogers – Mayhew, Bejan, Nag, Khurmi, etc.
– First Principle (∆U = Q – W, ∆U = Q + W) according to different bibliographies.
– Interactive diagrams (Pressure-Volume, Temperature-Entropy, Enthalpy-Entropy, Mollier, etc) with linear and logarithmic scales, automatic zoom and draggable rulers.
– Educational Aids: Quick reminders on thermodynamic concepts and formulas.
– Information on substances: Formula, molecular weight, critical point, specific heat, etc.
– State properties: Pressure, Temperature, Volume, Internal energy, Enthalpy, Entropy, Exergy, Pressure, Specific heat, Vapor title, and Saturated properties.
– Process properties: Heat, Work, Expansion work, Technical work, Flow work, and Increments of the main state properties.
– Cycle properties: Thermal performance, COP heating, COP cooling, and all process properties.
– Units: Pressure (bar, at, atm, kPa, MPa, psia), Temperature (K, C, R, F), Volume (m3, ltr, ft3, gal), Mass (mol, kmol , kg, lbm), Energy (J, kJ, kc, kWh, BTu), Power (W, kW, hp, hp (UK), BTus, BTUh).
– Substances: Water, Air, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Alkanes (Butane, Ethane, Heptane, Hexane, Isopentane, Methane, Octane, Pentane, Propane), Alkenes (Ethylene, Propylene), Refrigerants (R11, R12, R13, R14, R22, R23, R114, R123, R134a, RC318, R500, R502, Propyl alcohol), Ideal gases (Water, Air, Ammonia, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Methane, Acetylene , Ethylene, Hydrogen, Nitrogen (N), Nitrogen monoxide, Oxygen, Hydroxide (OH), Chlorine, Fluorine, Hydrogen bromide, Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen iodide, Hydrogen sulfide, Sulfur dioxide), Noble gases (Helium , Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon).
– Languages: Write me to improve the translation into your mother tongue.
– Related software: EES (Engineering Equation Solver), OpenCalphad, Thermo-Calc, ProPhyPlus, BibPhy, DiagSim, ThermoSoft and many more.

What's new

New window: Configure a new exercise
New window: Energy balance
New properties: Kinetic energy, Potential energy, Dissipative work,
New welcome tutorial


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