How to Add Information to Your Twitter Profile

In order to be actively involved in posting on Twitter, as well as to be followed by other users, you need to publish interesting and capturing content. Yet, you need to set up your own Twitter profile at first – if you want to interact with someone at all. Some of the basic things include your profile photo, the header photo, short biography (literally several words about who you are), location, website (here you can place a link to the social networks), the color of the theme, and the date of birth. Despite it may seem as quite a bulk of work, you are able to do it in a matter of minutes. Follow the instructions provided below.
Twitter profile 1

After you have entered your home page on Twitter, click on the “Edit profile” button in order to change the information about you

Step 1. In the first place, start the procedure by opening your browser and going to the website of Twitter (

Step 2. Following it, use your username (also you can use your email address or phone number) and the password in order to sign in to the social network.

Step 3. After it, click on the “Home” button in the left-upper corner. Then, click on your name in the small window left side.

Step 4. On the right side of your account page, you will see the “Edit page” button. Click on it.

Now, you are able to change how your profile looks. In the first place, let’s solve the photo issue. Click on “Add a profile photo” left side, where obviously should be your photo. If this is a business page, then add an image with your company’s logo. Then, click on “Add a header photo”. Indeed, all of us have got used to seeing such header images on Facebook, where they are especially popular, but this feature is also present on Twitter.

Following it, proceed to fill the information about you in the fields beneath your profile photo. In the first line, you are able to change the name and surname of yours that are displayed. Then proceed below, where you have to type in a short information about yourself, something like a mini biography.
Twitter profile 2

This way looks the page of a completely clean Twitter profile; you need to change it and add the information about yourself as well as to adorn it with pictures

After it, specify where are you from (one line below more). In the next line, you are able to provide a link to your website, or – as a substitution – to your account in the social networks like Facebook. The next line allows you choose a color of the theme, which is more about the design of the page.

Ultimately, you have to (or, at least you are able to) provide the date of your birth and choose who can see it. What is more important is that the day and the month of your birth can be displayed to all people, while the year can be hidden (it is so by default). However, you can choose any of these options for both the date and the year of your birth: “Public”, “My followers”, “People I follow”, “We follow each other”, and “Only me.”

Step 5. Once you are done with adding information about you, click on the blue “Save changes” on the right side. Following it, you are down with filling in your Twitter profile.