Twitter Introduced Changes into its Live Streaming App

During the last months, Twitter made more of an effort to improve the functionality of Periscope, one of its most popular apps that allows users to stream online videos or watch the other ones that are currently being streamed. In particular, it was revealed that new discovery and viewing features are going to be introduced thanks to Twitter’s app update .

The first newly-introduced feature is called “Highlights”, and it allows users to see the brightest and most interesting moments of the stream before actually getting to watch it. So, the “Highlights” feature is going to be a kind of the stream’s short trailer, which will be generated for each broadcast on Periscope. This way, the latest Twitter’s app update allows users to assess and get an idea of what a channel they are going to watch.

Periscope Twitter app update

Twitter has introduced many new features to its Periscope app, including “Highlights”, autoplay of the streams, and the better quality of those streams

In addition to that, any Periscope user is able to watch highlights, for example, from a previous day, certain profiles, or there is even a search possible in accordance with certain hashtags (such as #Olympics, for instance). Moreover, Twitter has also upgraded the Global Feed and Watch Tab. At the present time, the users are able to enjoy streams in fairly bigger, immersive size. After all, the update has brought an opportunity to take advantage of autoplay live broadcasts, so now you can get to know what is going on in the world without clicking on a single button.

Another notable newly-introduced feature is a possibility to embed Periscope streams into Tweets. Together with the autoplay function, it allows to place a video with an autoplay almost anywhere on the web: all you have to do is to post a tweet that has a link to Periscope.

It also should be noted, however, that the company is attempting to get an additional income by generating the rich, attractive content in such a way. This brings benefits to both the company and the users: while the company will benefit from larger revenues, the users get an opportunity to view the unique, high-quality content being generated in a real time. For instance, a fan who is present at the stadium where a game of Real Madrid against Barcelona takes place is able to start streaming, thus allowing other Periscope users to experience the atmosphere out there.

Almost all the features that have been mentioned in this article are available on both iOS and Android, except of live broadcast autoplay which is available only for Android now. However, the developers promised to make this feature available on the iOS in the coming weeks, too.

This way, Twitter has facilitated the work of various news websites and other publishers who can publish streams by directly inserting Tweets with embedded streams. Automatically generated highlights will give users an opportunity to find out whether the content is worth their time. Obviously, Twitter’s app update is another attempt of the company to win the content battle against Facebook.

If you are not signed up for Twitter yet, however, you can easily do it with the help of this guide.