Find Out About the Settings of Your Twitter Account More

Despite the fact that the most important settings of the Twitter account have been reviewed in the previous posts, there are several settings worth your attention more. In particular, you may find it useful to enable the newly introduced features, such as Quality and Notifications Filters. Also, this article will show you where and how to provide your phone number to Twitter, which may be a quite good idea for the sake of security. And, after all, you will learn how to set the web notifications on the Twitter website. Stay tuned and follow the instructions. Good luck!
Twitter website 1

Both of these newly introduced features make your experience of using Twitter far more pleasant

Step 1. Open the browser and type in the following link into the address line: Hit the “Enter” button.

Step 2. After you have appeared on the Twitter website, use your username and the password in order to sign in.

Step 3. Once have you entered your account on the Twitter website, click on the button of your profile and settings.

Step 4. In the opened menu, click on “Settings.”

Step 5. Now, we will navigate the menu of settings. First, go to “Notifications.”

Here, you are able to turn one of the following two features on: the first one offers you to enable the filter of tweets and limit it only to those posted by the people whom you are subscribed to. On the contrary, the second feature enables quality filtering, i.e. all the posts in your timeline will be filtered according to their duplications, relevance, and so on.

In order to enable any of these features, place a tick near them and click on the “Save changes” button.

Step 6. Click on the “Web notifications.”
Twitter website 2

By default, all of the web notifications are turned on; you can disable them anytime on this page

In this section, you are able to turn off some or all of the notifications you receive when using Twitter with your laptop/PC. If you want to turn all the notifications off, click on the large white “Turn off” button in the upper part of the page.

If not, let’s see what notifications you may turn off. By default, all of them are turned on. So, you get notifications when:

  • Your Tweets are Retweeted.
  • Someone likes your Tweets.
  • Your Tweets get a reply or you are mentioned in a Tweet.

In all of these situations, you can either turn the feature off, or leave it enabled as “Tailored by you” or change to “By anyone.”

Following it, there are three more situations when you get notifications:

  • You are followed by someone new.
  • You were sent a direct message.
  • Something is trending in your network.

All you are able to do with these settings is to disable them by removing the ticks near the respective lines.
Twitter website 3

Providing your phone number is crucial to your security, and you are able to do so in this section of the settings

Step 7. Now, go to “Mobile.” In this section, you are able to get a link for downloading the Twitter mobile app for your phone. Yet, you should also (if you wish so, of course) specify your phone number. Select your country (in fact, it must be selected automatically) and type the phone number in a line below.

Step 8. Receive an SMS message with a code and type it into the window. Now, your phone number is confirmed and your account is safer!