How to Recover Password from Your Twitter Account

Twitter is, indeed, one of the most popular social networks, which allows its users to share short messages (up to 140 symbols). Yet, you may face a situation when you just forgot the password from your account and even do not have it written anywhere. What can you do in such a case? Is the control over the account lost? Well, indeed not, as you can quickly recover the password for your Twitter account. In order to do it without much of a headache and in a matter of minutes, we have prepared this article for you. Follow the instructions below and get back to use your Twitter account!
Twitter account 1

Click on the “Forgot password?” button in order to start the procedure of password recovery

Step 1. First of all, copy the following link into the address line of your browser: Hit enter.

Step 2. In the sign in form of Twitter, find a suggestion “Forgot password?”, placed right below the “Password” line and “Log In” button. Give it a click.
Twitter account 3

In order to recover the password, you have to specify your username, phone number, or email here

Step 3. On the next page, you have to enter the username of yours in Twitter or email. Moreover, if you have faced a situation when you do not even remember neither of those, you can recover your account with the help of your mobile phone (if you had previously provided it to Twitter). So, you need to enter any of these three attributes of your account: username, mobile number, or email address. Click “Search.”
Twitter account 4

Choose the means of recovering your password

Step 4. Then, Twitter will display that a certain account was found, and that you can recover the password with the help of either a phone number (if you chose the option of search with the help of a mobile number), or an email letter. Choose what suits you best (if there are two options) and click on the “Continue” button.
Twitter account 5

This kind of letter you will receive in your email account

Step 5. Following it, sign in to the email account of yours. There, you will see an email letter sent by Twitter. Open it, and you will see a large blue “Reset password” there. Give a click on this button.
Twitter account 6

Here, you have to enter your new password for the Twitter account

Step 6. Now, you have just got to see the page of Twitter again. Here you have to specify your new password, and rightside you will see how secure your password is (weak, average, or high). Then, click on the “Submit” button.
Twitter account 7

Such a message you will see once you have restored your password

Step 7. After you have finished this procedure, you have a new password for your Twitter account. On the last page, you can click on “Continue to Twitter” and get back to using it.

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