Setting Email Notifications on Twitter

Arranging the settings of Twitter email notifications is crucially important, unless you want your email inbox to be flooded with thousands of letters from Twitter. Despite the fact that it may seem not that hard to do, there is a quite large number of options you are able to choose out of. So, in order to let you get oriented regarding this matter, we have prepared this pretty simple, step-by-step guide. So, make use of it and you will not be trying to arrange the settings without a clue how they work. Good luck!
Twitter email notifications

As one can see, you have an abundance of options when setting Twitter email notifications

Step 1. In the first place, you must open your browser and enter Twitter’s website (

Step 2. Then, log in to the social network. If you still have not done it before, or you have problems with doing so – this simple guide may come in handy.

Step 3. Click on the button of profile and settings in the form of an egg, right near the “Tweet” button.

Step 4. In the pop-up menu that has been just opened, click on “Settings.”

Step 5. On the left side, you will see a number of sections of the settings. Choose “Email notifications.” Now, let us break up what settings and options there exist.

First of all, you are able to turn all of the notifications off. Just click on the large “Turn off” button in the upper part of the screen, next to “Email is enabled.” In order to turn it on back, click the button “Turn on”, located in the same place.

Activity Related to You and Your Tweets

Here, you can specify when you receive emails. In particular:

  • Someone likes my Tweets. You can opt to get notifications if anyone likes your Tweets. By default, it is specified as “Tailored for you.” Also, you can disable the notification at all by removing the tick.
  • I’m mentioned in a Tweet that’s liked.
  • My Tweets are Retweeted.
  • Tweets I’m mentioned in are Retweeted.
  • My Tweets get a reply or I’m mentioned in a Tweet. All of the settings listed above work as the first one. You can either turn them on completely by removing a tick near them, or choose between “Tailored for you” and “By anyone.”

The following settings are enabled by default, but you can disable them the same way as above:

  • I’m followed by someone new.
  • I’m sent a direct message.
  • Someone emails a Tweet to me.
  • Someone from my address book joins Twitter (here it means the people whom you have in the contacts, imported by you to Twitter).

Activity Related to Your Tweets

Here, it works the same way as in the first 5 settings above:

  • Someone likes my Retweets.
  • My Retweets are Retweeted.

Activity from Your Network

First of all, you can unselect getting top stories that you regularly receive from Twitter in your email. If you want to keep receiving them, you can choose to specify whether you want them to be sent to you: daily, weekly, or “periodically” (by default).

Also, there are notifications that are sent on such matters (and that you can easily disable):

  • Updates about activity from my Twitter network.
  • Updates about the performance of my Tweets.
  • Recommendations based on activity in my network.

Updates from Twitter

Twitter also sends a large number of updates regarding different matters, beginning with Twitter’s new features and ending suggestions for following certain accounts. All these Twitter email notifications you can disable in the last section of this page. There are 7 different kinds of updates, regarding which Twitter sends letters.

As you can see, whereas the first two sections are mostly about your activity and you may find it useful keeping those settings on, the later two are mostly Twitter’s updates and suggestions for you.

Step 6. Do not forget to click on the “Save changes” button after arranging the settings. Now, you are done with configuring the settings of the Twitter email notifications.