What Features in the Twitter Account Settings Are Worth Your Attention

Arranging the general account settings in Twitter is something basic, something that should be done within minutes or at least days after the registration. There, you are able to carry out a number of important operations, including setting up a new username (the one that the users see in Twitter), changing your language (which allows you to get a translation of the posts from other languages), getting an archive of the information about you, and even deactivating your account. A pretty decent list, isn’t it? So, let’s find out more about the Twitter account settings!
Twitter account settings

On the page of the Twitter account settings, you are able to change your username, the language of the interface, the time zone, as well as you can even deactivate your account

Step 1. Open your browser and go to the website of Twitter.

Step 2. Log in to Twitter with the use of the username and password. If something is not clear, use this guide.

Step 3. Click on the button of your profile and settings, which looks like a white egg.

Step 4. You will see another menu, where you have to select “Settings.”

Step 5. Immediately after it, you will see the page of the general account settings. So, here we go:

  • This is the username that the other users of Twitter see and use to find you. You can change it anytime for another, available one. In such a case, though, your address will change too.
  • The same way you are able to change the email you are currently using for your Twitter account. The only different is that it is not displayed anywhere.
  • Here, you can set your native language, and this will allow you to get translations of other posts from English and other languages.
  • Time zone. Choose your time zone, since it will help Twitter in displayed your real time.
  • Here, you should provide Twitter with the information about your country.
  • Tweet media. Both of the options are going about sensitive content. If you place a tick near the first line, the content that may contain sensitive components (videos, photos) will be displayed to you. The second feature, if you place a tick near it, notifies the users about the sensitive content posted by you. Indeed, it is recommended to enable the second feature.
  • Video Tweets. If you enable this function, the videos embedded in tweets will be autoplayed (a fairly good feature, indeed).
  • “Show me the best Tweets first” feature allows you to get the most relevant Tweets displayed first (this feature functions the same way as in Facebook).
  • Your Twitter archive. Click on the given button, and Twitter will prepare an archive with all the information about you, including all your posts. Once the archive is ready, you will be immediately able to download it.

Step 5. Click on the “Save changes” button after specifying the settings.

Step 6. However, you may notice that there is one more “suggestion” under this button. There is a button with the text “Deactivate my account.” If you want to do so, click on it. On the next page, you will have to confirm it and enter your password. If it does not interest you, then leave this button without attention. The procedure of configuring the Twitter account settings is finished.