Twitter Announced New Filtering and Blocking Features

In its recent official blog post, Twitter has announced several important features that are going to change the way Twitter functions fundamentally. In particular, one Twitter feature will provide you with more control over your account, and you will be able to manage with whom you interact on Twitter easier. Indeed, the company does its best to secure the privacy of the users and the ability to personalize interface, as well as to filter the messages the users receive. Taking into account the way the blog post was written, one may conclude that this just a beginning of what Twitter plans to release in the future.
Twitter feature 1

The company is trying not to lag behind its fiercest rivals and is going to introduce even a bigger number of new features

First of all, Twitter has introduced a feature of notifications settings, which allows the users of this social network to limit the notifications they see. The person, who is bothered by the number of tweets he or she sees, can enter the settings in Twitter and choose to see the notifications only from the people he or she follows (the “Only people you follow” option). If everything is going alright and satisfying for the Twitter user, however, everything will be left unchanged. This is caused by the simple fact that, even though the company has implemented this feature, one has to turn it off in the settings, since it is disabled by default.

The quality filter is another newly introduced by Twitter feature. Essentially, this feature allows you to see the content of a higher quality in your length. In particular, the company has been testing its quality filter since the last year, and now, when it is finally introduced, the users are able to take advantage of it.

Same as with the Twitter feature of notifications, you have to turn it on in the settings on your own. Once you have enabled this feature, you will perhaps notice how low-quality posts will gradually disappear from your length.

The company has developed the algorithm of this feature the way that it will remove poor-quality content, such as the content the seems like an automated one or duplicate posts. For that, the system makes use of a large number of signals – the behavior and origin of the account, for instance – which allow to track such poor-quality posts. However, you will keep seeing the tweets, posted by the people you follow. The posts of the people with whom you have not so long ago interacted will be displayed to you, as well.

After all, another pleasant point is that now you are able to access the settings of your account right from the notifications tab. As the Twitter’s team noted, they are consistently working on the improvement of its interface and making it more “navigable.”

Twitter has thought about its users who mostly sign in with the help of smartphones, seems it will be definitely easy to enable these two features while using smartphones too, as well as PC/laptops.