How to Search Contacts with the Use of Other Services

If you have only recently signed up for Twitter (you could use this guide for signing up for this service), you probably wish to add the people you know the least difficult way. The company has provided its users with such an opportunity, which allows to easily find and add new Twitter contacts, and it will perfectly suit you if you have most of the contacts of those people in your email address. Indeed, this article will show you how to make new contacts in Twitter, and all what you are left to do is to follow the provided instructions. It will not take more than 5 minutes of your precious time!
Twitter contacts

This is the page of your address book, and here you should manage all your Twitter contacts; Go Settings > Security and privacy > Manage your contacts for entering this page

Step 1. In order to upload an address book, open your browser first and enter Twitter’s website.

Step 2. Then, log in to your Twitter account. If you face any problems – especially if you are a beginner, you can freely use this guide for signing in.

Step 3. Once you have logged in, click on the orange & white button of your account and settings.

Step 4. In the newly appeared pop-up menu, click on “Settings.”

Step 5. Then, you will see a “Find friends” section in the menu left side. Click on it.

Step 6. There you may see the services you can use for adding the people you know. However, most probably there will be no service that you wish to use (for instance, let it be Gmail). So, you should click on a blue text “manage the contacts” below.

Step 7. You will see the page of managing the contacts. There, you will see a large blue “Upload address book” button. Click on it.
Twitter contacts 2

In such a way, you are able to find the contacts by using your acting email account

Step 8. Following it, you will see all the options that you are able to use for adding new contacts. There must appear an account in Gmail (yet, keep in mind that you must be logged in to Gmail). Click on the blue “Search contacts” button near the Gmail icon and your email address.

Step 9. Then, Twitter will require you to grant it access to your email. Click on the blue “Allow” button.

Step 10. Right after it, Twitter will provide you with a list of contacts that it has found by using your email (have a look at the second screenshot). They will be automatically selected, and all you are left to do is to click on the “Follow [a number of] selected” button. However, you are able to unselect some of the people whom you are not interested in. Or, if you have even changed your mind, you are able to click on “Skip this step” left side.

Step 11. No matter what you have chosen, you will appear on the page with the most relevant pages for you. Now, you have new Twitter contacts in your address book!