Twitter Sign Up


Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social media, which allows its users to post short messages (up to 140 symbols).

The Twitter sign up procedure is quite simplified and you do not have to deal with it for long. The step-by-step guide, presented below, will help you to create an account on Twitter in the matter of several minutes. Follow the instructions and enjoy using Twitter!


Twitter Sign Up Step-by-Step


  • Step 1. Enter the company’s website by inserting the following link into the browser’s address line:

The twitter sign up form on Twitter's main page

This form you should use for signing up

  • Step 2. In the center-right part of your browser, there will be two white forms. The first one is used for logging in, while the latter one is used for signing up. In order to sign up, use the form located below.
  • Step 3. Naturally, fill in the given form. There, you should specify your full name, email, and password. Then, click to sign up for a Twitter account.

The sign up form of Twitter

The registration form

  • Step 4. Another page will be opened in your browser. There, check the information you specified previously. Check how secure your password is and specify “Advanced settings”, the button of which is placed in the bottom of the page. Click “Sign up.”

Sign Up for Twitter

Proceed to this form in order to join the network

  • Step 5. Following it, you will be offered to provide the following information (each is considered to be a next stage): phone number, nickname, and profile photo. You can refuse to provide information or photo at any stage by clicking on the “Skip” button.

Twitter Phone Mobile

You can specify your phone number for greater security

Twitter Username

You are able to choose a username

Twitter Profile Photo

Select your profile photo

  • Step 6. Then, you will be offered to specify the field of your interest. You can click on the “Continue” button without specifying anything. Then, you can import contacts from your email and follow some celebrities and popular bloggers on Twitters (naturally, each of those things is optional). Click “Continue.”


Twitter's fields of interest

Specify your field of interest

Twitter Importing Contacts

Here you can import the contacts from your email

Twitter Become a Follower

You will be offered to follow others here 

  • Step 7. Now you can almost freely use the account. However, you still have to confirm it. Go to your email, open the letter from Twitter and confirm your account by clicking on the large blue button. That’s all. Enjoy Twitter!

Twitter Account Confirmation

Enter your email and open the letter from Twitter to confirm your account

You can find more information about Twitter by going to Create Account Twitter page and the Twitter Sign In page.