How to Connect Google Drive with Your Yahoo Account

You find it useful to store documents and presentations at Google Drive? But, despite that, you opt to use Yahoo because it is more comfortable and preferable for you? If the answer is “yes” to both questions and you are looking for a way to synchronize your Google Drive and Yahoo accounts, then this article is right for you! Yahoo devoted a quite large share of its efforts to the development of an easy, yet effective system of accounts’ synchronization, and now you can freely make use of it! Follow the instructions below and link your Google Drive account to your Yahoo email.
Yahoo email account

On this page, you are able to synchronize your Yahoo email with other email accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Drive, and even Dropbox

Step 1. At first, go to the website

Step 2. Once you have opened Yahoo in your browser, log in to Yahoo by using your email address and password. If you have encountered problems while attempting to do so, visit this website and read the guide.

Step 3. In the right-upper corner, you will see the settings button. Give it a click, and you will open a pop-up menu this way.

Step 4. In the opened menu, select “Settings.” Then, choose the “Accounts” section in the settings.

Step 5. On the newly-opened page, you will see a number of listed email service providers, social networks, and cloud storages, accounts of which you are able to synchronize with your Yahoo email account. In order to synchronize the Yahoo account with your Google Drive one, you need to click on the “Connect” button near “Google Drive” (which is the last in this list). Do so.

Step 6. After it, Yahoo will request a permission to access your files in Google Drive, get the information about you, and see your email address. Grant the access by clicking on the blue “Allow” button.
Yahoo email account 2

The page of the “Accounts’ Settings” will look so, once you have synchronized your Yahoo account with Google Drive

Step 7. Now, you will see how the button “Connect” near “Google Drive” will turn into “Disconnect”, which means that you have just synchronized your accounts. At this point, you are able to add documents, presentations, and other files, that are stored at Google Drive, in your email letters (sent from Yahoo) right in the window, where you text a message.

Step 8. You can, however, cease the synchronization of the accounts any moment, and this is even easier to do. All you need is to enter the page of “Accounts” in the settings and click on the “Disconnect” button next to “Google Drive” (have a look at the second screenshot). Within a second, your accounts will cease to be synchronized again.

As you perhaps could experience, the feature of synchronization brings you more comfort and convenience, and your experience of using Yahoo becomes a way more pleasant. So, do not hesitate and turn on the feature! If you still have no Yahoo account, sign up with the help of this instruction.