How to Customize Yahoo Settings

It is natural, indeed, that any user of an email account wants his/her inbox to look the best possible way. If you use the email service of Yahoo, it is not that hard to customize your inbox the way you wish, yet it will take a bit of your time. In order to make it simpler, easier, and faster for you, we have written this step-by-step guide in plain English, so you will face no difficulties in arranging your Yahoo settings.
Yahoo settings 1

You may consider configuring your general and viewing settings as boring and not needed, yet it will only make the experience of using Yahoo more pleasant

Step 1. Prior to getting to configure your settings, go to the website of Yahoo (

Step 2. Sign in to the system by using your email address and password. Visit this page if you have faced any difficulties.

Step 3. Once you have entered your account, look for a button of Yahoo settings in the form a cogwheel, placed in the right-upper part of the page. Give it a click.
Yahoo settings 2

This way looks a preview pane at the bottom

Step 4. In the pop-up menu that has just appeared, select “Settings.”

Step 5. Now you see the Yahoo settings of “Viewing email.” In the “Viewing email” settings, you can configure your account so:

  • When viewing message lists. In this section, there are two features: “Enable conversations” and “Show snippets”, both of which are turned on by default. The first one allows you to view emails from one sender and of one subject in one view, like a chain of messages. The “Show snippets” feature allows to preview a part of the letters’ text in your inbox.
  • Multitasking. This field allows you to choose how to multitask: either only with recent events (“Recent”), or with the use of tabs (“Tabs”). Many of the users, though, lament that the last option is difficult-to-use.
  • Preview pane. You are able to turn the feature of a preview pane on, which allows you to see the letter’s inside without actually opening it. You are able to see the example of how this feature works in the second screenshot. By default, this feature is disabled. You can turn it on by specifying either “At the bottom” (the way it is displayed in the screenshot), or “at the right.”
  • Message list density. Here, you can specify how the letters will look like in your inbox. By default, it is specified as “Slim.” You are able to turn it into “Regular” (a bit wider option) or even “Relaxed.”
  • Mark as read. Well, it is specified, which is obvious, as “immediately” by default. Yet, you can also make your choice between “After 2 seconds”, “After 5 seconds”, and “Never.”
  • After moving a message. You can change the action that will take place once you have moved a message to a folder. By default, the system shows you the original folder. Yet, you can opt either “Show previous email message”, or “Show next email message.”
  • Desktop notifications. If you enable this feature, you will receive notifications on your PC even if Yahoo is not opened in your browser.
  • Mail version. There are two versions of mail: the first one is basic, i.e. only basic features are included, while the second one is “Full featured”, which allows you to personalize themes, drop attachments, and take advantage of many other features. If you do not need this, however, you may opt to switch to the basic mode.

Step 6. Now, click on the “Save” button and enjoy a more comfortable experience of using Yahoo.