Is It Difficult to Set a Vacation Response in Yahoo?

The Yahoo vacation response is a feature that allows you to notify people about your unavailability to answer or similar matters. This means that the feature works automatically once you have turned it on and configured. The step-by-step guide placed right below shows you how to take advantage of this feature and let your friends know that you are currently unavailable.

Yahoo vacation response

Yahoo gives you an opportunity to set a vacation response; you are able to do on the given page

Step 1. At first, enter Yahoo’s website by going to

Step 2. Log in to your account in Yahoo by using your email address and password.

Step 3. Find the button of settings that looks like a cogwheel and placed in the upper-part of the page. Give it a click.

Step 4. You will see a pop-up menu, in which you have to select “Settings.”

Step 5. In the settings, you have to choose “Vacation Response” in the menu of sections, which you are able to see leftside.

Step 6. On the page that has just been opened in front of you, you are able to configure a vacation response. Once you have done it, any person who will send you a letter within a specified period of time will get a response from you (the one written by you as well).

In the first place, put a tick near “Enable automatic response during these dates (inclusive)” in order to set a vacation response. Following it, choose the dates when you want this feature to be working. For instance, you can see that the Yahoo vacation response will work from August 28 up to September 14 in the provided screenshot. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of configuring a vacation response without the last date (like in Gmail).

Then, compose a letter that you want to be sent. While doing so, you can use the following features (all of them you will find in Microsoft Word):

  • Font size and type. There are 7 font types and 6 sizes you are able to choose out of.
  • The buttons of bold and italic fonts.
  • Set text color. Here, you can change the color of your text.
  • Set text highlight color. Makes your text to be seen in a painted certain color.
  • Bulleted and numbered list buttons allow you to compose lists even in your vacation response.
  • Indent more. You can make an indention with the help of this button.
  • Align left and align center. These buttons will help you to align the text.
  • Insert link. This allows you to add URLs.

After you have composed a message, you can try out how it will be automatically sent by clicking on “Send Sample Copy To Me.”

In addition, you are also able to compose another letter for emails with a certain domain, like In order to do so, scroll down and place a tick near “Different response to emails…” In the provided two fields, you can specify those domains (if the domain you wish to specify is only one, leave the other field blank). Then, compose another message.

Step 7. Click on the “Save” button and enjoy your newly set Yahoo vacation response.