How to Enhance the Security of Your Yahoo Account

Unlike its fiercest rivals, Yahoo does not offer so many various options to protect your email account. Moreover, the security issue has always been at the core of Yahoo´s activity, even though several years ago many users reported that they had lost control of their accounts. Despite having so few options to choose out of, however, there are several pretty worthy Yahoo features that may save your account or, at least, make using it much easier and convenient. The article below discloses Yahoo features and options you may take advantage of. Enjoy!
Yahoo features

Indeed, the page of security settings does not seem to abound with a large number of options; yet, those a few are not less important neither

Step 1. Enter the Yahoo website with the help of your browser. Its URL is

Step 2. Sign in to your account.

Step 3. After you have just used your email address and its password in order to log in, find the button of settings in the form of a cogwheel in the right-upper part section of the screen and give it a click.

Step 4. You will get to see a pop-up menu, and there you must click on “Settings.”

Step 5. Following it, you will see the page of settings. On the left side, there is a menu of the settings’ sections. First, you should go to “Security.”

Step 6. On the page of security settings, you will basically see only three options. So, the options are the following:

  • Show images in emails. This option allows you to see the pictures in the letters you receive. For the sake of security, however, it is specified as “Never by Default.” Yet, you can opt to show the images “Always, except in Spam folder.”
  • Delete spam older than. This option lets you decide when the letters that were moved to the spam folder should be deleted. By default, this setting is specified as “one week” (i.e. once a letter has been stored in a spam folder for a week, it gets deleted). You can change it and opt “Two weeks” or “One month” instead.
  • Disposable Addresses. This feature is perhaps one of the most valuable ones in Yahoo. It allows you to create a kind of email aliases. You may use the disposable addresses feature for the following reasons: anonymity (sign up for internet stores without actually revealing your real email address), spam control (if you start receiving lots of spam messages, just delete the given disposable address), and privacy (you are able to hide your identity and create as many disposable addresses as you wish).

In order to start using this feature, first specify the base name (for instance, “Wwing”). Then, you will see a window where you can add and delete disposable addresses. Click on the “Add” button. In the first field, enter your nickname (let it be “job”). Then, specify your sending name (it can be different than the real one). Also, you can add some notes in the last field. Click “Save.” Now, your disposable address will be: You can freely use it and delete whenever you need.

Step 7. Click on the “Save” button. Go to “Banned Addresses” in the menu of settings’ sections.

Step 8. In this window, you can ban email addresses that bother you. Just write an email address in the first field and click on “Ban.” Then, click on “Save.” That’s how Yahoo features work.