Setting a New Theme for Your Yahoo Account

Similar to Gmail, Yahoo offers a fairly wide selection of various themes for your account, and you are able to make the interface of your Yahoo account look much more vivid and flamboyant without making much of an effort. Yahoo provides you with an opportunity to make your choice out of 35 themes, which is a quite impressive number. Besides, it is pretty easy to set a new Yahoo theme, and even a person who has just signed up for Yahoo is able to do it quickly. The step-by-step guide, provided below and written in a plain language, will help you to adorn the Yahoo account and make it look more colorful. Enjoy!
Yahoo theme 1

In order to find the “Themes” button, click on the button of settings in the form of a cogwheel

Step 1. In the first place, you have to enter the website of Yahoo by inserting the link into the address line of your browser and hitting the “Enter” button.

Step 2. Sign in to the system with the use of your email address and password. If you have problems with logging in to your Yahoo account, visit this page.

Step 3. Once you have signed in to your email account in Yahoo, find the button of settings placed in the upper-right part of the screen (the button is depicted as a cogwheel). Give it a click.

Step 4. You will see a pop-up menu opening up in front of you, and there you should select “Themes.”

In order to find the “Themes” button, click on the button of settings in the form of a cogwheel

Step 5. Now, you can see the page of themes. In particular, you are able to pick any of the 35 themes, offered to you. Besides, you are able to test how each of the themes will look at the interface: just give a click on the theme you are interested in, and you will see that the design of the page will promptly changed. In the second screenshot, for instance, there is a selected Yahoo theme, and you can see the way it looks on the page as a whole. Scroll down in order to see more Yahoo themes.

Step 6. Once you have chosen the theme you liked the most, make sure that it is selected (you could accidentally unselect it). After you have done it, click on the blue “Done” button, placed to the left side at the bottom.

Now, you can enjoy the new Yahoo theme you have picked. If you will ever want to change it, just follow this guide (i.e. do the same steps) in order to set another theme. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Yahoo is going to introduce the feature of setting own photos as themes (the feature that Gmail can brag about). Yet, this quite bountiful selection of Yahoo themes leaves you sure that you will not get bored with a dull interface.

If you need help with signing up for Yahoo, you may find this guide useful.