Yahoo Has Introduced New Features to its Messenger Desktop App

Yahoo has come up with a remarkable update of its Messenger Desktop App, which caused a buzz among its users. Indeed, Yahoo Messenger has been one of the oldest and most popular clients of instant messaging, since it was founded back in 1998. Yahoo has been far from being the way successful as its counterparts, Google and Facebook, and its market price is very different now (around 5 billion dollars) from what Microsoft offered for it in 2008 (50 billion dollars). Yet, Yahoo Messenger Desktop App still appears to be of the most popular ones.
Yahoo Messenger Desktop App

Yahoo Messenger Desktop App allows you to send GIFs to your friends and interlocutors, unsend the messages you have sent, and receive desktop notifications

In the first place, the application, which has been developed from scratch and boasts a quite noticeable, Yahoo-like design, is able to brag about several key features. First of all, what differs Yahoo Messenger Deskstop App from its counterparts is its large and ever-growing number of GIFs stored and available for use. You could notice that one of the most creative and funny ways of answering to your friends is using funny and bright GIFs that improve not only your mood, but the mood of your interlocutors as well. Yahoo’s storage takes GIF pictures from Tumblr posts, and allows its users to express their emotions the best possible way. So, express your emotions easily, quickly, and without words with Yahoo!

What makes its newly-designed app even more attractive is a possibility to “unsend” messages. You think that you are in crap after you have sent your photos to a wrong person? Well, it could be so a time ago, but not Yahoo allows you to delete the messages, pictures and other files you have sent previously to your interlocutor. Near every message, there is a trash icon that you can click and remove the message. Within a matter of seconds, the message will be removed not only from your chat, but from the chat of your friend either.

A nice addition to the “unsend” feature from Yahoo may be its “like” feature in the conversations. Likewise with the previous feature, you can click on the heart icon near a message and show your friend that you liked a particular message. However, it will definitely bring the most of fun in group conversation, so you should not neglect using it.

After all, there is another feature that may appear quite useful: the feature of notifications. It means that while you are working on some project or doing anything else, notifications about new messages in the conversations will appear on your desktop. It means that you are able to keep doing your work, while discussing some casual stuff with your friends.

By the way, this newly-worked-out app is available for both Windows and Mac users. So, take advantage of this thought-out application and keep in contact with your friends!

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