Yahoo Has Released an Update of its Android and iOS Apps

The recent update from Yahoo of its Android and iOS email apps brought a lot of good news for the users of mobile phones. In particular, Yahoo has continued to target customization as one of the key advantages of its service, and this is the reason why the latter several updates aim to please the customers by allowing more personalization. Moreover, a lot of attention has been also dedicated to the people with whom the users communicate, and Yahoo attempted to make the experience of interaction with other users as convenient and pleasant as possible with its new features of the Yahoo app.
Yahoo app

The latter update of the Android mail app from Yahoo has prompted a quite large number of users to install it

Considering that Yahoo had previously allowed the users of its apps to see more information about the contacts right in the contact list – so the users do not even need to touch their displays, it does not come as a surprise that the company has continued working on this matter. The latter update allowed the users to edit their contacts right in the Yahoo app, beginning with the phone numbers and ending with the job places. So, now you can rename any of your contacts right within the app – the thing you might have been lazy and forgetful to do for months.

Another newly introduced feature is the possibility of easy starring. I.e. now, when you receive an email with the help of the Android app, you can mark it as “important” (i.e. to star) to the ride side from the sender’s name, and below the displayed time of email receipt. This way, you can swiftly mark a certain message as an important one, which may be particularly useful in the case if you do not have a lot of time at the present, yet you need not to forget to read that message later.

Another nice thing that has been implemented with this update is the possibility of changing your contact list’s density. Now, there are two options of how emails can be displayed. The first option is a standard one, where you do not see profile photos, previews of messages, and images, but only the name of the sender and the title of the message. On the contrary, the second option allows you to see profile photos of the senders, images, and – which is especially important – three first lines of the text. This allows you to get to know what is it going about in the letter without actually opening it. Logically though, you will be able to see just 4-5 letters instead of 9-10 at once in such a case.

After all, the company has also stated that it is working on making storing your files more convenient and easier, and this is one of the things we will perhaps see in the following updates. Stay tuned and enjoy the experience of using email with the Yahoo app!

And for those who do not have Yahoo accounts yet, this page may appear to be pretty useful.