Youtube Sign Up

YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming service, allows the users not solely to share the content they want (if they don’t violate the rules, of course), but also give them an opportunity to receive decent sums of money. In fact, some video bloggers make their living exceptionally from posting their videos on YouTube. But even if you are not going to publish your own videos, being registered on YouTube matters anyway: you will be able to like & dislike, comment, browser your history, and save the videos you want to watch later. Just complete the YouTube sign up procedure by using the guide below and start enjoying the YouTube features from the very next moment!

youtube sign up

Kick start the YouTube sign up process by giving a click to this button

sign up youtube

Get registered on YouTube by clicking on the “Add Account” button

  • Once you have entered the YouTube website, find the button for signing in. The button must be located somewhere in the right-upper corner (look at the image). Once spotted, click on it right away.

sign up for youtube

Advance to the page of YouTube sign up by clicking on this text button

  • Then, you should click on the “Add account” button in order to proceed further.

signing up for youtube

Here, you are able to sign up for YouTube quickly and easily

  • Find the text “Create account” button on the next page and click on it.

get started youtube

Accept the terms of use from Google

  • Right after that, you must be viewing the Google page with a sign up form. You need to provide the following information about yourself: full name, your current email address, a password for your future account, and the date of birth and gender. It is completely up to you whether to provide your mobile phone number or not. Once the sign up form is filled, click on the “Next” button.

get started on youtube

One more step to complete the YouTube sign up procedure: go to your email inbox and verify the email address

  • Immediately after clicking on that button, you will get to see a page with the terms of use. Click on “I agree.”

register youtube account

A bit more of your time: click on this URL and get started on YouTube

  • Then, go to your email inbox. There, look for a letter sent by Google, open it, and find a button or URL for confirming your email address. Once you have spotted it, click on it right away.

register account youtube

The notification shows that you are a full member of YouTube from this point on

  • After that, you will be redirected back to the YouTube website. However, you will get to see a notification that you have been registered. Now, you can freely use your newly created YouTube account and enjoy the service. Good luck!

If you have any questions regarding the use of YouTube, you may find it useful to read our YouTube Sign In and Create Account YouTube guides.